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How to do job pre-registration from the LSMRemote portal?

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Job pre-registration can be performed, by patients where they can enter all relevant details before submission of the samples. The pre-registration creates a job which the provider needs to update, when the patient submits the sample. This fasten ups the process of job creation leading to more productivity and efficiency of the lab. The QR code generation helps the sample collection centers to retrieve patient data and update the job, making the job submission process more simpler and efficient.

Please follow the below step to use job pre-registration.

1. Activation in LSMRemote

2. Pre-registration of job

3. Job submission by provider

4. Job execution in LSM

1. Activation in LSMRemote

  • The job pre-registration can be activated by changing the value of allow_job_register  to true.
    Please see our knowledgebase to know how to access and change LSMRemote settings or raise a ticket via our ticketing portal system.

    Be Careful note
    You need to take care of 2 things to activate the job pre registration:
    1. LSM: Case Record in LSM add-on must be enabled by going in LSM->Admin->Setup->Case Record
    2. Config.ini: token_access should be true in order for the job pre-registration to be active .on lsmremote.
  • Once the above option is set to true on your LSMRemote portal you will see the job pre-registration option.

2. Pre-registration of job

  • When the patient clicks on the Job pre-registration, they can fill all the information before going to the sample collection center.
    *Below is the pre-configured system image, you LSMRemote might not look like below.
  • 1. You can select the requester (sample collection location) where the patient will be going to give the sample.
  • 2. Patient pre-registration will include all the fields about patient data which is called case record in Lab Service Manager and provider LSMRemote (these can be created in LabCollector, custom patient module).
    *Please see our Knowledgebase on how to create a custom module and custom fields.
    *Please see our Knowledgebase on how to connect case record to LSM.
    *Please see our Knowledgebase on patient pre-registration.
  • 3. This will contain information about the job, meaning all the parameters that have been created at the job level. This can be insurance of the patient, physician who ordered the test, and document upload, etc.
    *To create the parameters at job level go to GO TO LSM -> ADMIN -> PREFERENCES -> PARAMETERS -> LEVEL:Job.
  • 4. This is the privacy policy and the text here can be customized by going to LSM -> ADMIN -> PREFERENCES -> CUSTOMIZATION.
  • 5. Once you have filled all the details, you can click on submit and the patient will be able to see a QRcode. 

  • Patient will also receive an email with this QR code. 

Using QR Code on the Requester/provider/Client portal:

  • When the patient arrives at the clinic/institute, etc to provide the sample for testing, they can show the QR code to the client/requester/provider.
  • provider can use 2 methods to access the information using the code.
    • Scanning: Requesters can scan the QR code to bring the information about the job related to the patient.
    • Searching: Requesters can search the job ID that is written below the code, using LSMRemote search options.

3. Job submission by provider

  • When the patient comes to the sample collection center (requester) they can scan the QR code the patient received after job pre-registration and retrieve the patient details on their provider portal.
  • The patient information in provider portal will look like below.
  • The requester can click on the job number and open the job, collect the sample from the patient, add the collection date, sample number, type, the test to be performed and then the requester can update the order.
    *Below is the pre-configured system image, you LSMRemote might not look like below.

  • Once the order is submitted, you will be able to see the CoC (chain of Custody) and also you will be able to print the barcode that you can use to stick on the sample.

  • Once the job is updated it will be seen like below in provider portal.

4. Job execution in LSM

  • The pre-ordered job which is NOT updated will look like below.

  • Once the job is updated by the requester after sample collection.

  • Depending upon settings of your LSM, you can accept the job and execute it normally.

    *Check our KB on LSM usage guide from jobs to reports creation.

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