The AgileBio project was founded in 2002 from the convergence of biological and informatics experiences of Pierre Rodrigues (Ph.D Virology Pasteur Institute and Paris 7 University).  It was a long maturation, starting in the early ages of the Internet with MBS (Molecular Biology Shortcuts) in 1998.  MBS was a pioneer portal for scientists gathering links, protocols, tools, forums, and more. With MBS, online tools were designed and met with quick success. In 2002, was launched to unify and modernize these online tools aimed informatics and biology.

The success of led to AgileBio, which is committed to designing unique solutions for scientific teams and companies to turn them into more agile structures. AgileBio currently develops LabCollector and LabCal solutions as LIMS, ELN and general lab management solutions.



AgileBio is a leader in providing collaborative tools that enhance research productivity and traceability to scientist teams, whether from academic or from commercial companies.Our mission is to develop flexible and innovative software, such as our main product, LabCollector. Our ultimate aim is to unlock the full potential of your lab and allow scientists to pursue their ambitious goals.

LabCollector is a unique LIMS and ELN.  It is an Intranet based software, allowing centralized management of all your lab data. By using LabCollector, your teams can benefit from efficient information sharing and access via a local network or the Internet.

We also build and implement customized and packaged IT solutions that meet the demand of highly competitive companies or labs like yours. Our clients turn to us time and time again because they trust us to get it right from the start.

AgileBio is focused on Open Source technologies! We are experts in Perl, PHP, mySQL and Linux. But we frequently recommend other technologies to suit the specific situation and needs of our clients. We often recommend a mix of Windows and MacOS. This makes for original and powerful client/server solutions for the biosciences labs.




Anne-Laure Sauvadet, PhD

Director of Support & Consulting

Anne-Laure is graduate of the University Pierre et Marie Curie with a PhD in marine biology. She used Agilebio’s LIMS from the client side then joined AgileBio Team in 2015.

Salma Sarwary

NA Director of Business Development

Salma is specialized in the information technology based laboratory and services in support of small molecules, protein, peptides, antibody drug conjugation, and Anti-miR oligonucleotide therapeutics of drug discovery and development in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. She started at AgileBio in 2018.

Mark Martinez

NA National Sales Executive

Mark Martinez is a graduate from San Diego State University with BSc in CMB, is experienced in internet and social media marketing. He has been part of the Agilebio Team since 2018.


Nathalie Esber, PhD

EMEA Account Manager

Nathalie joined AgileBio in April 2019 as Account Manager to expand sales growth. Nathalie holds a PhD in molecular/cell biology.

Nayana Tusamda, PhD

Content Development Manager

Nayana is a graduate of Université de Haute-Alsace | UHA · L’Institut de Science des Matériaux de Mulhouse where she obtained her PhD. in Oncology, Biology & Biomaterials. She joined the AgileBio team in 2019.

Chaneze Mehalla

Lab Application Specialist

Angélique Cochain

Marketing project manager


Bérangère Lopez Oros

Graphic Web Designer

Bérangère is graduate of ENSBAD Dijon. After having worked in the advertising agency and as a freelance, she started working at AgileBio since 2017.

Ghalia Hadjem

Software Tester

Kaveh Eshkofti

Kaveh Eshkofti

Senior Software Developer

Lorraine Soudade

Developer & Bioinformatician

Lorraine is a Computer Science Engineer with an MSc in Bioinformatics and has a long track record in databases and health information systems. She is part of the Agilebio Team since 2018.


Tiago Vaz

Full Stack Developer

Tiago is graduate from Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto in Computer Engineering.He joined the AgileBio Team in 2011.

Cristina Amil

Developer & Bioinformatician

Cristina is a Computer Science Engineer with an MSc in Bioinformatics and has a long track record in databases and health information systems. She is part of the Agilebio Team since 2014.

Stepan Komenko

Stepan Khomenko

Full Stack Developer

Thibaut Simon-Fine

Thibaut Simon-Fine

Full Stack Developer