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How to obtain a license? New!

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If you need AgileBio’s assistance, in having a new license, for either LabCollector or any add-on, then you can either do it directly from your client area or you can request AgileBio for assistance.

From the client area, you shall 2 options, to either :

1. Update License

2. Manually request for License

1. Update License

  • Once you have installed the LabCollector, you can generate your license directly from client area.
  • *Please refer to our Knowledge Base for Client area navigation.
  • You need to click on the + sign in order to open the panel for all installed services (LabCollector & add-ons).

  • Choose the service for which you want to create and license for. For example in below image, if you need to update license for LSM add-on.


  • 1. You need to click on the refresh icon to update the license.
  • Note: You need to do the same steps as below, whether you need to add license for LabCollector or an add-on.
  • 2. Generally you will see the word “Demo” written in front of your LabCollector or Add-on. Hence you need to refresh, in order to change the license.
  • 3. As soon as you refresh, you will see a pop-up that will prompt you to add the “Activation key” in order to renew the license.
    *Please refer to our Knowledge Base for how to obtain activation key.
  • Note: If you have (a) purchased a new version upgrade of LabCollector or Add-on, and you want to renew the license, OR (b) you have shifted your LabCollector to a new computer or server, and want to renew licenses of your LabCollector and add-ons, then you can follow the same process. This is why you will see the warning, where it tells you that the old activation key will be invalidated.
  • 4. Here you need to add the activation key of the add-on (in example below image). You need to add the activation key for LabCollector if you are renewing the license for it.
  • 5. Once done you need to click on “update” icon.

2. Manual request for License

  • If you want to request AgileBio to provide you a license then you can click on the key icon.



  • 1. You need to add the activation code, which means the activation key.
    *Please refer to our Knowledge Base for how to obtain activation key.
  • 2. In case you are already a client and are upgrading you LabCollector/add-on then you can add your old license.
  • 3. The software can be selected from the drop down OR normally it would be selected by default.
  • 4. If you are new client, then you can add your “Purchase order” number, or “quote” or “invoice” number.
  • 5. You can select the nature of the installation, if you are doing
    • “first installation” (new client) or
    • “server change” (existing client who shifted LabCollector to new computer or server) or
    • an “Update” (existing client you want to upgrade LabCollector to new version or new license with extra users).
  • 6. You can add additional comments, notes or something if you want to notify. For example, you are “updating” LabCollector or an ad-on for 10 extra users where you already have 5 users.
  • 7. To accept that the previous activation key and license will be deactivated.
  • 8. Once done you can send the request form to AgileBio, they shall send you your new license, which you need to paste in LabCollector.

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