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Easy and Automated lab orders to your suppliers

LabCollector offers a comprehensive and powerful inventory management solution, designed for efficient tracking of chemicals, reagents, and consumables. Beyond storage and lots management, LabCollector helps optimize your lab by tracking orders, generating purchase orders, and enabling direct punch-out. You can also quickly import and maintain information from e-catalogs for easy access. Explore more

Easily Configurable

Built around independent modules that can interact with each other, LabCollector LIMS and ELN manages a variety of day-to-day lab information. Read more

Every module can be customized by adding custom fields which reflect the needs of your organization.

We’ve been very satisfied with the support and the “customizations” which LabCollector has even developed for us.

Federico Brianza
Vice President, Research Switzerland at Evolva
The easiest way to store, organize, find and share your scientific work

The LabCollector ELN add-on is an efficient and simple notebook for storing and managing all your experiments. It is a great replacement or complement to paper notebooks. Directly link an experiment with all data and resources used in just a few clicks. Create and use templates for your most common experiments. Read more

If you use the database and the electronic lab notebook (ELN), you will have a very effective tool to follow your experiments, the samples generated and where they are stored.

Laurent Boulanger
Engineer at INRA. France
Version: 6.23
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Cloud or Online
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Maximizes your time for research

Schedule and manage equipment using the scheduler add-on. Directly connects to the LabCollector equipment module to easily prevent conflicts in schedule from maintenance and research. Multiple billing options for equipment are possible. The interface is designed to be easy for technicians, scientists and managers. Read more

The frequent updates constantly keep bringing new features and easy of use, so we look forward to go even deeper into using LabCollector, as it really frees our time for what really matters: research!

Claudio M. Gomes
Group Leader of FCUL Protein Folding and Misfolding Laboratory
Industry Applications
Research & Development

First developed for the Life Sciences, LabCollector is now capable of extensive and easy customization to manage any R&D lab activity.


LabCollector LIMS gives your biobank powerful tools to setup an efficient Quality Management System (QMS) for your biological collection in a single database.

Pharma & Biotech

Built around independent modules, LabCollector is capable of extensive and easy customization to manage any lab activities in Pharma, Biotech and CRO structures.


Configure LabCollector with complex WorkFlows to support NGS activities. Instrument connectivity will speed up your work.


Unlike other LIMS, LabCollector manages chemicals.  Search by structure in addition to chemicals relations to equipment, documents and other records in the lab.


LabCollector LIMS integrates automation tools allowing scientists to save time and to limit errors. Information is managed in a relational database allowing users to identify, store and link data.

Track & monitor your lab & equipment with any type of sensor

The Datalogger add-on allows lab staff to setup equipment with any type of sensor. Temperature, pressure, light, humidity and more can be monitored. Set expected tolerance ranges by sensor or equipment. Define SMS receivers (using our NET/GSM logger or our SMS Gateway extension) and create both SMS and email alerts based on sensor readings. Read more

Design and manage any lab workflow

Orchestrate your data and lab service with a graphical flow chart designer. With an intuitive graphical designer, any lab workflow template can be created.  You have a free choice of nodes to manipulate single samples or multiple batches of microplates. Instrument and sample sheet exports can be generated easily. Keep track of workloads from the dashboard view. With this tool, you can design and run NGS, clinical trials, routine sample treatments or any other lab logic. Read more

Analytical, CRO or Core Facilities Management

The Lab Service Management (LSM) add-on gives your analytical or core facilities lab an easy and totally configurable follow up interface, from request to report generation. The flexibility of our interface gives you the power to configure it with your own services and parameters to deliver the exact report you want to your patients or clients. Read more

Excellent triple solution for your lab
Software platform

First developed for Life Sciences, LabCollector is now capable of extensive and easy customization to manage any R&D lab activities.


To take full benefit of the organizational power of LabCollector LIMS we recommend some simple and efficient hardware. Order directly on our
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Every pricing plan includes one year of free dedicated support/upgrades. We are always available for support.

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