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How to configure kit and activate it in LSMRemote?

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Many labs have kits that can be purchased by patients, either online or in pharmacies. The samples collected by these kits are then deposited by the patients in nearby sample collection centers or send by postal means. For such labs, LabCollector now offers Kit creation system in LSM and kit activation feature in LSMRemote. 

To use Kit feature follow the below process:

1. Kit creation in LSM add-on
2.Activation of kit in LSMRemote
3. Activation of kit by patients & job creation/execution

1. Kit creation in LSM add-on

  • If you are a lab, offering testing kits, that are available in market or you are a lab that performs tests on kits, then you need to create information about these kits in LSM add-on.
    *Below is just a random example in the image, to explain about kits.

  • 1. You need to add the name of the kit for example COVID-Kit.
  • 2. You need to add the prefix for the kit. For example, kits for COVID testing can be like COV0001, so the prefix is COV.
  • 3. You can add here the description of the kit. For example what it is used for, what does it detect, etc.
  • 4. This represents the last unit of Kit that was printed.
  • 5. This is to tell how many digits will be used in the full name (eg COV0001, there are 4 digits excluding the letters, which represent the size).
  • 6. Here you can define test/tests that will be performed on the sample received with the KIT.
    For this you need to add the Sample and define the test for that sample before in LSM.
    To add sample type you need to GO TO LSM -> ADMIN -> PREFERENCES -> SAMPLE TYPES
    *Please see our Knowledgebase on how to add tests in LSM.
  • 7. Here you can define the status of the kit. 
    • Draft: If the kit, for example is still in production, or the information about kit needs to be updated, etc.
    • Active: If the kit is being used actively or is in use currently.
    • Archived: If the kit is obsolete, for example then you can archive it.
  • 8. Once the kit is created click on save and you will your kit in the list.

2. Activation of kit in LSMRemote

  • Patients who purchase the kit, can activate their kit by registering it, on an online portal, like our LSMRemote.
  • Activation will mean that someone has purchase the kit and will soon send sample to perform test on it.
  • Labs that want to use such online remote portal, can do so using our LSMRemote.
  • To turn on kit activation/registration on LSMRemote, please go to GO TO LSM -> ADMIN -> SETUP -> JOB REQUEST 

  • Once this option has been activated, you will see the kit activation option on LSMRemote.

3. Activation of kit by patients and job creation/execution

  • When the patients buy the kit, and want to use it, to send their sample for testing, they can activate it on LSMRemote.
  • To activate the kit, click on “Kit activation” option on the LSMRemote.
  • Kit activation process will be like the “Job Registration” option on LSMRemote.
    *Please see our Knowledgebase on job pre-registration.
    *Below is the pre-configured system image, your LSMRemote might not look like below.
  • 1. You can select the requester (sample collection location) where the patient will be going to give the sample.
  • 2. Kit activation will include all the fields about patient data which is called case record in Lab Service Manager and provider LSMRemote (these can be created in LabCollector, custom patient module).
    NEW: This will allow patients to register their info for the first time
    EXISTING: If you have already registered yourself, then you can choose the existing option that will help the LSMRemote to retrieve existing information about you using your patient ID and code you receive via your registered email.

    *Please see our Knowledgebase on how to create a custom module and custom fields.
    *Please see our Knowledgebase on how to connect case record to LSM.
    *Please see our Knowledgebase on patient pre-registration.
  • 3. This will contain information about the kit, meaning the barcode on your kit or your kit number and all the parameters that have been created at the job level. This can be insurance of the patient, physician who ordered the test, and document upload, etc.
    Once you add the correct kit number, you will automatically see the tests associated with your kit.

    *To create the parameters at job level go to GO TO LSM -> ADMIN -> PREFERENCES -> PARAMETERS -> LEVEL:Job.
  • 4. This is the privacy policy and the text here can be customized by going to LSM -> ADMIN -> PREFERENCES -> CUSTOMIZATION.
  • 5. Once you have filled all the details, you can click on submit and the patient will be able to see a QRcode. 
  • As soon as the kit is activated, the job for this kit will be created in LSMRemote and LSM add-on.
  • You can execute the job as normal in LSM.
    *Check our KB on LSM job accepting and rejection.
    *Check our KB on LSM job execution and report generation
  • Once the job is finished and validated, the report will be available to patients online with the help of the token.
    The token and result release notification with result checking link will be automatically send to the patient as soon as the job is created and finished.
    *Check our KB on LSM accessing results with the help of token.

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