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1. URL

– X-LC-APP-Auth
– Accept=application\json or Accept = text\xml

Note: URL works with http and https

2. GET

Recover data of books, experiments & pages.

  • Mandatory parameter: UID (user identifier), supports numeric value or string value (=login). Example UID=1 or UID=admin
  • Optional parameters: bookid (book identifier; example bookid=1), datefrom (books created after of; example datefrom=2010- 01-01), dateto (books created before of; example datefrom=2016-01-01).
  • Action and examples:
– action= getBooks


– action= getExperiments


– action= getPages


– action= getPageImages


– action= getPageContent


Note: field page_img_status means if the page has an image or not: ‘1’ means the page has an image, ‘0’ means the page has not an image


Create or update pages and send images and/or content

  • Mandatory parameter: UID (user identifier) example UID=1
  • Optional parameters: image (image file -form data-), content (html content), pageid (page identifier) example pageid=134, experimentid (experiment identifier; example experimentid=8), name (page name; example name=page from api’)

Note: If the page is not created you can also create page, leaving out parameter pageid and adding parameters experimentid and name:

  • Response: the response is formatted as JSON or XML (not just a text OK), example:

“@attributes”: {
“message”: “OK”

  • Examples:

– To create a new page, use parameters: experimentid and name and optionally content and/or image
– To update an existing page, use parameters: pageid and optionally content and/or image