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How to set up your Rack Scanners?

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LabCollector offers various set-up options. It is ready-to-use (insofar as is possible), its configuration can be easily managed by the super-admin in order to meet your specific laboratory requirements. In the following Knowledge Base, we will show you how to set up your rack scanners.

To do so, simply go to ADMIN -> OTHER -> SETUP -> Rack Scanners:

  • The sample batch tool is an add-on to catalog samples scanned by lab instruments such as rack scanners.

* Read this KnowledgeBase to know more about using rack scanners with sample Batch tool.

    • A : Rack Scanners:
      – For Sample batch tools add-on users, a scanner has to be registered.
      – You have to fill out the form with the required information.
      – To find the IP address of the PC connected to the scanner, launch the command prompt (in start type command prompt and click on it), type ipconfig/all.

      – The IP number is listed under IPv4 Address. By default, the port is 5151.
    • B : Plate Templates:
      – You can add templates for rack scanners to scan the samples on your plate.
      – Templates need to be in CSV format with columns POS (for position); sample name;volume;sample_type.

*For more information refer to the KnowledgeBase-Rack scanner installation.

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