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How to print labels on HTTPS environment?

Here is the list of the Zebra printers that support HTTPS:

  • ZD400, ZD410, ZD420
  • ZD500R
  • ZD620
  • QLn220, QLn320, QLn420
  • ZQ310, ZQ320
  • ZQ510, ZQ520
  • ZT210, ZT220, ZT230
  • ZT410, ZT420
  • ZT510
  • ZT610, ZT620

In order to use https on these printers, you need to enable “https mode”. To do it follow these steps:

1. Install Zebra Setup Utilities on your PC: Zebra Setup Utilities – Downloading ZSU & Configuring Printer Settings

2. Select the printer and go to “Open Communication”.

3. Paste the command: ! U1 setvar “ip.https.enable” “on”, and press “enter” in the end.

4. Click “send to printer”.