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Linking data from LabCollector is very easy in ELN using the LabCollector icon .

When you click on the content section in ELN Page the rich text editor opens and you can see the LabCollector option. This option allows you to add a link to all possible records required for the protocol. 
Let’s take an example if you are performing an immunostaining protocol for a focal adhesion protein Vinculin.
So when you write the protocol in the content section and you want to link the samples, antibodies, reagents required for protocol, you can click on the LabCollector icon, the below pop-up will open.

1. You can select the module you want to link the record with.

2. This option allows you to create a new record if the record is not present in the module already.

3. You can search the record by using this option.

4.  This allows to clear the search you have typed.

5. You can also choose memorized records. 
These memorized records can be found when you go to any record inside a module where you have an icon to memorize the record. These records will appear here.

6.  The record will appear here if you link it. When you perform a search the record in the respective module will be displayed below. You need to select the checkbox and click on the link option in order to link the record to the content.

Once you do this the records will be listed as seen in the first image in the KB. When you click the icon “Open in Labcollector” , the record along will all its information will open in a new tab.

7. This allows you to destock the reagents as you utilize them for your protocol. For example for immunostaining protocol if you are using reagents that are stored in various lots. Then the lots generated in the reagents & supplies module will be displayed here and you can select the lot to destock. You can also add the quantity to destock from the given lot. Once you select the lot and quantity you can click on the “destock” option and the amount used will be subtracted from the lot automatically.


8. This option allows you to write comments for the record. For example, you can write what concentration of antibody you used for a particular cell line.

9 & 10. This option inserts the link into the content of the ELN. In the protocol, for example, you can choose the name of the cell line and click on the LabCollector icon.

The pop-up will open will the list of records ou have chosen such as in the first image of the KB.
You can select the cell line information and click on the “Insert link” option.

The hyperlink will be created and when you click on it, a new tab will open with the record information (see the image below with the link to records). This way you can create all the relevant information in the protocol itself. It would be very useful when you are creating methods and materials for your report or paper, all your information will be in one place.

11.  This option allows you to delete the record that is not needed.