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Mac OS X keeps gatekeeper feature enabled for security purposes thereby not allowing 3rd party applications to run. 
If you encounter an issue while installing the ionCube loader follow the below-described steps to overcome the issue.

When you try to install Labcollector it might not run due to the gatekeeper setting.

To bypass this you need to disabled the gatekeeper which you can do by 2 methods:-

A) Allowing third-party software  OR
B)  Using command-line in Mac OS

A)  Allowing third-party software 

To do so, you need to follow these steps:-

1. Go  to Apple menu and click on system preferences.


2. Go on privacy and click on “Security & Privacy”. 

3. in the “Allow applications from” option click on “Anywhere”.

4. Once you do this you can close the “system preferences”. The Gatekeeper will now be disabled.

B)  Using command-line in Mac OS

This option can be helpful for scripting purposes, configuration, or remote management of software.
You can use the command line by opening the Terminal in Apple.

1. To open terminal go to “Utilities”.

2. Click on the “Terminal” option.

3. The terminal will open and look something like this.

4. To disable the gatekeeper need to type the following command.

5. Click on enter key on your keyboard and the system will ask you the admin password and the gatekeeper will be disabled.

6. To confirm that the gatekeeper is disabled you can give the status flag command like below.

7. The will report back “assessments disabled” on your terminal confirming that the gatekeeper is disabled.

Once the gatekeeper is disabled you can now follow the procedure to install LabCollector.


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