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How can I update my LabCollector?

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Effective from version 6.20 of LabCollector, we have introduced automatic updates to facilitate the process of keeping your software up to date. We understand the value of your time, so you can simply relax and enjoy a cup of coffee while we take care of the updates for you. Our team will handle the entire updating procedure, ensuring that you have the latest features and improvements.

Once the update is complete, we recommend clearing your browser cache to ensure a smooth experience with the updated version. To do this, simply press Ctrl+F5 on your keyboard.


If, despite following the cache clearing step, you encounter any issues or the updated version does not seem to be working as expected, you can try the following steps:

Upgrading to a new version may require a new license, please ensure that your Support and Upgrades package has not expired before downloading the newest version of LabCollector.

Before any update please make sure that you have a full backup of all your data.

1. Download the new ZIP “” (from Client Area): Downloads > LabCollector

2. Replace all folders on your current LabCollector
EXCEPT: config.php, your maps, backup, documents, and file folders.

3. Execute: http://localhost/your_online_instance/upgrade.php

4. Select your version of LabCollector that you want to update and click on “Perform the upgrade”.
Note: Decimal point number changes, i.e: 5.2x to 5.3, etc.

5. Confirm your upgrade and access to your LabCollector.

Still encountring problems?
If none of the above steps resolve the problem and you are still experiencing difficulties with the updated version of LabCollector, we recommend opening a support ticket. Our dedicated support team will be glad to assist you further and provide personalized solutions to ensure a seamless experience with our software.