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Editing a file using File Connector

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For example, you are a cell biologist working in a pharmaceutical or biotech company or in academia, and you receive your cell lines from patients via a research center in a hospital. Both collaborative teams use LabCollector to share data. This could be data about the required conditions to handle the cell lines, medium requirements, etc. So let’s imagine you shared a file about a particular cell line and you or the collaborator wants to edit for things such as updating medium requirements or conditions for cell line maintenance.

To edit in FileConnector, follow below:-

1. Download and install FileConnector

2. Configure editing options 

3. Edit file from a module record

4. Edit file from ELN

5. Edit multiple files

1. Download and install FileConnector

2. Configure editing options

  • You can configure the settings in FileConnector to open files with a specific software.
  • Please read our KB to see how to do settings in FileConnector.

3. Edit file from a module record

  • So to edit the file in a module, simply open the record, click on the edit button of the record.

Please remember that the default file upload docment in the Document module record needs to be opened (edit button for the record) to be modified using FileConnector.

Go to the uploaded file that you want to edit. For example if you want to edit DMEM media file information for Hela cells.

  • The various steps that will happen when you click on the file to edit are explained below:-

1. Click on the file of DMEM

2. A notification will pop-up on the left hand down the corner of your computer screen informing you about the new request received from LabCollector.

  • On the top of your screen, you will a small “Files” icon with the list of the active files being edited.

  • After this, your file to edit will open and you can start editing.
  • Now after you have finished editing or while you are editing, whenever you save the file you will get a pop-up like shown in below image.

3. When you save the file after editing it the file connector will give you a pop-up.
4. File Connector pop-up will give you 3 options:-

a. Ignore: to ignore the changes you want to do, in case you clicked on a wrong file.
b. Send/Keep: To keep the file to edit. You can edit the file and click on this option to simultaneously upload the changes done to the file in real-time.
c. Send/Finish: If you finish doing the changes and want to close the file as soon as it is uploaded.

5. On the top of your screen, you will see a small LabCollector icon turned green (which is grey when inactive) and the number of files that are being processed. When you click on it you will see the file being edited and you will have 3 options.
a. Send /Stay: Allowing you to simultaneously edit and upload the changes done to the file.
b. Send/Close: Allowing you to send the edited file and then close it automatically after uploading it.
c. Discard: If you opened a wrong file for editing or any file that you basically do not need anymore can be deleted/discarded.
In fact, our File Connector will also show you when was the file downloaded, modified or send. So you won’t have to remember if you send the file or not. 
Even when you close LabCollector v6.0 this small “Files” option on top of your screen will still be present until you choose the “Send/Close” or “discard” option.

4. Edit file from ELN

  • To edit a file in ELN using FileConnector please see the below video.

The options “Ignore”, “Send/Keep” and “Send/Finish” are explained in section 3.
The options “Send/Stay”. “Send/Close” and “Discard” are explained in section 3.

5. Edit multiple files

  • You can edit multiple files using file connector, simultaneously and in real-time. When you are editing multiple files all of them will be seen under the top “Files” option, like below.

  • Each file will contain information about when it was downloaded, modified or send.
  • This could be very useful when you are working on multiple files and you don’t remember if you send the file or modified it. 

Even if you exit the file connector tool and reopen it later or shutdown the computer, all the files that were being edited and the related information will still appear, until you choose the option “Send/Close” or “Discard”.

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