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Printing records

To print records from any of the modules go to the “Print” option in the selected record.

A new page will appear where you can select options:
1. A model can be selected in a preformatted list. See below for more information.
2. A signature space can be added at the bottom of the printed document.
3. If the record contains attached files (in a custom field upload), these documents will be added to a ZIP folder in addition to the PDF of the record).
4. Drag & drop the ‘Module fields’ you require in the white empty box below ‘Export fields’ or click on Add All.
5. Click on PRINT to open the print view.

If you want to use a print model, select the template from the drop-down (Example TEST123).

NOTE: With a model, you can’t export the attached files.

Selecting the recorded template (TEST123) will load the template from which you can directly print.


Creating Print template

You can create a ‘Print template’ so that you do not have to select the above options every time.

Instead of every time choosing the settings during records printing, you can create templates for the required setup that you shall be using again and again.

Moreover, creating templates will allow:

  • Save time
  • Consistency and clarity
  • Simplify document creation
  • Customer satisfaction

For creating a Print template, on the Home page go to Admin > Other > Setup.

In the setup categories, go to Export Setup & Models.

Export Setup & Models page will appear below.

Go to the Print models tab.

  1. Select the name for your template (You can choose the ‘print template‘ you saved before with this icon ).
  2. Select if you want signature space below your template by choosing ‘Yes/No’ from the drop-down.
  3. Select the Module for which you want to create the template.
  4. Drag & drop the ‘Module fields’ you require in the white empty box below ‘Export fields’. Take care to arrange the fields in the order you need; for example ID, Name, 2D barcode, Organism, etc.
  5. Click on “Update” to save the module field. A green pop-up saying the model is successfully saved will appear near the Name option.