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How to perform pooling in sample receiving add on?

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Sample receiving allows one to pool samples. Pooling samples involves mixing several samples together in a “batch” or pooled sample, followed by testing the pooled sample with a diagnostic test. This approach increases the number of individuals that can be tested using the same amount of resources. If the test is negative the population belonging to pool is negative and no retest is required. However, if it is positive only then the individual population members need to be tested. Sample receiving add-on offers the possibility to create pools.

Follow the below steps to perform pooling in sample receiving:-

1. Configure sample receiving

2. Pooling of samples

1. Configure sample receiving

  • 1. You need to configure a project in sample receiving add-on. this way you can have specific settings for each projects in your labs.
  • 2. Project codes can be created in LABCOLLECTOR -> TOOLS -> MANAGE PROJECT CODES.

  • 3. You can add this project in sample receiving by going to the SAMPLE RECEIVING -> SETTINGS -> ADD TO RECEIVING ADDON. You can select the project name from the dropdown list.
  • 4. As soon as you click on “Add to receiving addon” you see a page to configure settings relevant to the project.
    *Please visit our Knowledgebase to see how to configure project in sample receiving.
  • 5. When you configure settings take care to tick-mark the pooling option.

    *separator can be anything like  /, |, \, $, -, //
  • 6. Now when you create a package and add samples in it.
    *Please visit our Knowledgebase to see how to connect sample receiving to LSM.

2. Pooling samples

  • Sample receiving and LSM are connected with each other.
  • 1. Hence you can create the job with samples in LSM. The highlighted in yellow are the sample, that are to be pooled for example.
    *Please visit our Knowledgebase to see how to connect sample receiving to LSM.
  • 2. To pool the samples, you need to open the package and add click on the pooling samples option and follow the below steps.
  • 3. Click on the “Process Package” option of the package that you want to open.
  • 4. When you want to pool samples you need to click on “enable pooling” option.
  • 5. Add the sample barcode (sample name from the LSM) in the box.
  • 6. Select the cell you want to pool samples in and hit “enter” key on your keyboard.
  • 7. You can add here sample barcodes (sample name from the LSM) that you want to pool together.
    *The separator between samples will be the one you created during the project configuration in sample receiving add-on. (point 5 section 1 above).

    Be Careful note
    Please dont forget to click on “enter” key BEFORE you click on Validate pooling option.
  • 8. Once you have added the samples you want you can click on “Validate pooling” option.
  • 9. & 10. You will see the samples pooled together in your choice of cell.

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