Custom Module

LabCollector is composed of 13 default modules that help you manage you Laboratory. However, if your requirements don’t fit in these 13 modules, LabCollector offers you to add extra modules, specific to your needs. These modules are called custom modules. These custom modules are highly configurable and you can fit the configurations according to your lab requirements. In LabCollector you can easily:

  • Create custom modules as per your needs.
  • Create a customized panel for the custom modules on homepage.
  • Add or design customized icon to your module.
  • Include tabs like comments, registry book, process, analysis etc.
  • Add risk and safety tab related to chemicals.
  • Insert storage system to store records in your custom module.
  • Use animal storage system along with log registry.
  • Add sample conversion (deriving samples).
  • Include reagent, batch & safety data link.
  • Create custom fields specific to your needs.

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