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Lot-Sample Linking in LSM for Quality Control

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Lab Service Manager (LSM) introduces a feature allowing the linking of samples to specific lots. This allows users to execute their quality assurance protocols by associating samples with designated lots, enhancing traceability and QC workflows while ensuring better compliance with regulatory standards. This knowledge base article delves into the process of activating and using this feature within LSM.

  • Activating the Lot-Sample Linking Feature
  • Utilizing the Lot-Sample Linking Feature
  • Enhanced Visibility and Traceability

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All industries place a huge importance on quality control to ensure the safety and efficacy of their products. LSM introduces a feature enabling the association of samples with specific lots. This helps increase the efficiency and accuracy of quality control processes, therefore reinforcing compliance with regulatory standards.


Activating the Lot-Sample Linking Feature:

  • To activate the lot-sample linking feature, you must first access the setup panel within LSM. To do so, navigate to Admin -> Setup (as shown in the screenshot below).

  • Within the administration panel, locate the “Jobs Requests” section, which governs job-related configurations and settings.
  • You will then find the option titled “Link Samples to Lots“, toggle this option to enable the feature, thereby activating the lot-sample linking functionality within LSM.


Utilizing the Lot-Sample Linking Feature:

  • Once the lot-sample linking feature is enabled, you can proceed to add a job within LSM.
  • During the job creation process, users are prompted to select lots for individual samples. Only lots in the HOLD status are eligible for selection, ensuring that samples are associated with materials awaiting quality control testing.

  • Upon selection, the chosen lot becomes associated with the respective sample, creating a clear link between them within LSM.


Enhanced Visibility and Traceability:

  • Following the association of samples with lots, users can visualize these links within the LSM job interface. This provides immediate visibility into the testing status of samples and the corresponding lots.
  • The linked lots are also displayed within the sample’s related module (R&S for example). This ensures that users have access to pertinent information regarding the testing status of raw materials.

  • You can also decide to showcase the lot related to the sample within your PDF report, simply insert the below tag in your report’s template ##sample_lot##


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