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  • The Reagents & Supplies preferences can be found by going to Admin > Preferences > Reagents & Supplies.

    This preferences page has the following settings:

    General settings:
    1. Reagent categories
    2. Packaging sizes
    3. Batch/Lots: Units of measurement
    6. Storage

    Permission settings:
    5. Staff access to orders
    7. Who can edit Risks & Safety
    8. Who can place orders
    9. Who can add stock units (batches)
    11. Who can destock units

    Order account settings:
    4. Budget accounts used for ordering
    10. Budget mandatory to order
    12. Approval mandatory to order
    13. Modification option after approval
    14. PO number modification
    15. Sigma Aldrich
    16. VWR
    17. Life Technologies


    Define a list of reagent/supply categories that you will use in your lab, their packaging sizes and the units of measurement.

    > Categories and packaging sizes will automatically be displayed in their respective select lists when you create/edit records in the Reagent & Supplies module.


    You can define staff access to order management:
    – To see all the orders or only their own orders in the Purchase Orders Manager
    – To place orders 
    – To add stock 
    – To destock units


  • Accept view only groups to destock – groups who have view only access to Reagents & Supplies can still destock from lots when this option is selected.
  • FIFO option – you can also activate the FIFO option (First In First out) for the destock action.
    In this case, if you don’t destock the oldest lot in the list or the one with the first expiring date (version 5.4), this alert message will appear:

The second top box in the image below shows the Storage. You can choose:
Simple Storage which will be single locations without any sub-locations.
Main Storage you have to define your storage in Admin > Storage > Manage storage. Add new storage equipment, and select Shelf as Equipment type.
For more information on storage please see this KB.

The third top box in the image shows how you can also define who to edit the Risk & Safety information.


This section allows you to manage the budget accounts needed to process orders.

Use this to define a list of your budget accounts that will automatically be displayed in the order list manager.

> To hide/delete an account, check the box to the left of the account and click on Update & Save. It will automatically be removed from the list.
> To view hidden budgets click on the pages symbol  on the top right corner.





New in version 5.4: Make budget selection mandatory during the ordering process with the Budget mandatory to order setting.

For detailed information, please read this KB-Purchase order management.

Through this menu, you can also manage account settings to automatically order from Sigma Aldrich, VWR, Life Technologies, Qiagen and Storage Accessories. These settings will be used to submit orders through the Purchase Orders Manager.

To obtain account settings please contact Life Technologies, Sigma Aldrich, Storage Accessories, VWR, Qiagen and/or your finance office.