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LabCollector Stock Manager allows you to manage the stock of your items and update them in your LabCollector. Includes barcode scanner from mobile camera or embedded scanner (PDA). This app has modes IN, OUT or unit replacement. You can also send stock movement files, compatible with LabCollector, by email or file download. Works offline. Barcode reader decodes both 1D or 2D codes. You can even sync it online and deduce the quantity directly.

This comes in handy when you dont want to touch the inventory of your lab, or update a person responsible for inventory. You can just send the list to this person and they can reduce the amount of reagents that you have either taken out, or added in, or needs to be replaced.

Stock Manager is available for Android devices on the Google Play Store.

Follow the below steps to configure the Stock manager app:

1. Download, Installation & Settings

2. Scan Barcode 

3. Scan Barcode (Quick)

4. Barcode List

1. Download, Installation & Settings

  • You can download the LabCollector StockManager from Google Play Store and install it on your Android mobile.

  • Once installed click on open, and click on the menu option, to go to the settings.
  • You need to select the settings option.
  • In the settings you need to add the settings according to your lab, like below image:
  •           Online sync:

    1. You need to add your LabCollector instance URL.
    2. The token can be generated by going to LABCOLLECTOR -> ADMIN -> SETUP -> WEBSERVICES API & copy the token number.
      Offline Sync:
    3. Target email corresponds to the email who will receive the list of reagents/stock to update.
    4. You need to add the email of your SMTP account.
    5. The password for your SMTP. (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
    6. This is the link to your SMTP server.
    7. The port number for connection and you can enable SSL for more security.
    8. You can choose what kind of export type you require. If you want to send everything in one single txt file for example, or as a separate files meaning one file for deduction only, another for addition or replacement.
    9. Once done you need to save the settings.
  • Once the settings is saved you can scan you reagents barcodes and create lists. For this you have 3 options, which are explained in detail below.

2. Scan Barcode 

  • When you choose scan barcode you will see the below image:
  • You need to either type or scan your barcode.
  • This barcode can be in REAGENTS & SUPPLIES  module
    1. Lot ID
    2. Lot Barcode
    3. Record ID
  • Once you scan or type your barcode, you can choose the quantity and then what you would like to do with the quantity.
    • IN: To add the quantity.
    • OUT: To remove the quantity.
    • REPLACE: Replace the quantity.
  • There are 3 ways to scan a barcode:
    • PDA with a physical barcode scanner. To scan press the “Scan Button”.
    • Camera from mobile device or PDA. To scan touch the camera icon and it will open your mobile’s camera.
    • Manually enter the barcode using your keyboard. To enter the code touch the field with the legend “Press the Camera button to scan”.


  • You need to add your user ID. You can find this information in LABCOLLECTOR -> ADMIN -> MANAGE USERS.

  • Once done you can click on save.
  • Like this you can keep adding different reagents and the function you want to carry out ne by one and they will be added in the barcode list explained in section 4 below.

3. Scan Barcode (Quick)

  • In the quick barcode section you can easily destock your reagents.
  • You can either add them to the list by saving them or you can sync them online (with your LabCollector instance) and destock directly 1 quantity from the stock.
  • This barcode can be in REAGENTS & SUPPLIES  module
    1. Lot ID
    2. Lot Barcode
    3. Record ID
  • Once you add or scan the barcode, you need to click on online sync (to connect to LabCollector) and click on save.
  • If you do not sync then the barcodes will be added to the barcode list explained in section 4 below.

If you have same reagents with the same barcode, then this function will not work. Instead you will see a pop-up saying that multiples samples were found, and the barcode will go to the “offline list” (list when the sync button is not ON).

4. Barcode List

  • Once you have chosen either section 2 or 3 from above, you need to see the list that is created to send it to the linked user email ID in the TXT format.
  • The barcode list will look like below, with the barcodes that you have added.
  • You can also change the quantity from here, if you added by error wrong quantity.
  • For editing you just need to click on the quantity and it will show a pop-up to change the quantity.
  • Once you confirm it, it will be save, like in below example image.
  • You can either
    • Sync the Barcode list. When you click on that, you will the list of QUICK destock reagents that you did, by keeping the online sync option on. Please see Section 3 above.
    • Send it to the user (Target) email in the settings
    • Or you can delete the list once it has been send.
  • If you choose to send then you need to click on the blue icon with the message.
  • An email with the list will be send to the target email, which will look like below example image.
  • When you open the txt file you will see the list of the reagents that you have passed on from the mobile app.

After using Stock Manager, you need to download the files and export them in LabCollector > Admin > Batch Lots Inventory. For more details, you can see the LabCollector Manual Inventory Updater Tool (Chapter 7-9).


If you have any suggestions or improvements for Stock Manager, we’d really appreciate your feedback via our support ticket system.
Don’t forget to Rate this App on the Stock Manager menu!

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