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Running tests in batches is frequently needed in testing labs.  
The LSM has specific features designed to handle this.  These can be done with both manual or automated data entry.

To create a batch you will need multiple jobs to exist in your LSM. Each job will also need one or more samples with tests assigned.  
Batches may be assigned from the joblist.  

In general it will be helpful to use the sorting and/or filtering options to make selections. After sorting the job list, click on the row for the desired sample and enter the batch number. The entry allows selection of a batch number as an automatic assignment, selection from an existing batch number or custom batch number to be typed. The operator may also be assigned at this time.

After assigning batches, you can change the job list view toorganize by batch. Now the top level for the view is by batch number, with subsequent organization by test/assay and then samples at the next level.

How to organize the job view by batch. This will preserve the filter and sorting options of the normal job list view.

A view of the job list organized by Batch-Assay. Batch assignments are visible on the far right column.

Right clicking on a batch will open up a menu that allows managing the batch.

From here staff assignments, starting parameters, results and validations can be updated for all samples within the batch in a single menu. Keep in mind that automated results do not need to be updated manually.

Example menu for updating information for an entire batch. The screen for assignments, input, results and validation is slightly different, but the general principle of each is the same. All samples for the batch are displayed and available for data entry.

View of assignments for a batch.

View of result entry for a batch. Individual results, CSV file upload or automated data entry are available.

There is also the batch list view available in the Job menu. Select this option by navigating to Job > Batch List.

The batch view allows further organization by batch and assay/test, while also providing the amount of total samples and pending samples in each batch.

Similar to the option in the batch-assay organization of the job list, double clicking on a row will give an option to update batch information for staff assignments, input values, results, and validations.