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You have now an option where you can memorize the records you want and update them. You can even memorize all records and update a particular field in the module.

Follow these steps to update memorized records:

1. Memorize records

2. Mass update memorize records

1. Memorize records

  • Memorize the records you want by using this icon. We have selected the sample module for example purposes.
  • You can either memorize all records by selecting the below option in a module.

  • OR you can memorize specific records in a module.
  • To update a field in these memorized records, see next section.

2. Mass update memorized records

  • Click on the  icon, you will see the records you have memorized.
  • Select the field that you want to update.
  • For example, we selected the sample type field and clicked on next.
  • Choose the sample type that you would like to update for all memorized records. You will also see previous values, if you have entered by error for example.
  • Once the value is selected, you will need to type the reason for the modification.
  • Click on update icon and all the fields for all records will be updated.
  • You can do this with any field that is present in the module.
You can only update one field at a time.