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ELNDocSender mobile application offers you mobility and easy to connect to Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) add-on in LabCollector LIMS Solution.

With the help of a mobile app, you can connect to the ELN add-on anywhere. This offers you the advantage of adding information using ELNDocSender into the ELN add-on. 

You can scan pages, images, ideas that you jotted down, anything that is relevant for your ELN.

To use the ELNDocSender mobile app, follow the below steps:-

1. Download the mobile app from the google play store

2. Configure API settings In LabCollector Webservice

3. Configure the settings in ELNDocSender

4. Use the ELNDocSender

1. Download the mobile app from the google play store

  • Go to your Google play store app and search for LabCollector, you will see the list of mobile apps offered by LabCollector.
  • Select the ELNDocSender and install it on your mobile phone.

  • Once installed it will show on your home screen or app gallery.

2. Configure API settings in LabCollector Webservice

  • For the next step, to set up the ELNDocSender you need to configure API (Application Programming Interface) settings in the LabCollector first.
  • Login to LabCollector on your computer and go to ADMIN -> OTHER -> SETUP -> WEBSERVICES API.
  • Here you need to define a new application. These settings will help you to configure ELNDocSender.
    *It will be empty, you need to configure settings according to your requirements. We have shown the image of a form that is already filled.

  • 1. You can name your API service as you like. We have added the name of the app.
  • 2. Here you need to modules that you want to connect with this application.
    – Modules are the ones that are present inside LabCollector, but as we need to add a mobile app, it falls in the add-on category. So we have selected the checkbox next to the add-on category.
  • 3. Here you can add the name of the person from the dropdown list, who will be in charge of this API.
    – These operators are lab members that can be added by going to ADMIN -> USERS & STAFF -> MANAGE USERS.
  • 4. The IP Restriction is for you to select if you want to restrict or give access to certain IPs. To Manage the IPs you can go to ADMIN -> USERS & STAFF->MANAGE AUTHORIZED IPs. If you select yes and save the API settings, it will ask you to add the IP in the image in the 5th point below.

  • 5. Once you have selected your options you can click on the “ADD” option.
  • As you add the API, a token will be generated that you need to use for the ELNDocSend application setting.

  • You can either copy the token and send it to yourself as an SMS or email or you can also click on the barcode option and scan the 2D barcode that will be generated in a new tab.
  • This API setting will connect the ELNDocSend to LabCollector.

3. Configure the settings in ELNDocSender

  • When you open ELNDocSend for the first time you need to go to the settings options to configure the ELNDocSender with API.

  • Once you click on the three lines button above, go to the settings option.

  • Once you click on settings you will see the following page will open. 
    *It will be empty, you need to configure settings according to your requirements. We have shown the image of a form that is already filled.

    • 1. Enter your email id.
    • 2. Enter your online instance URL.
      – Take care to put only the URL before the slash sigh in front of your lab name.
      – Click on the red HTTP button to make it green as the LabCollector uses a secure ‘HTTPS’ protocol for the connection.
      – You need to add the online instance in the format shown in the above image – URL(replace with your lab URL)/extra_modules/eln/webservice/index.php?v=1
    • 3. Enter your username that you use to enter the LabCollector on your computer/laptop.
    • 4. Here you need the API token that you get from the LabCollector as shown in section 2.
      – You can also scan the token barcode from LabCollector web services, by clicking on icon and scanning the 2D barcode that opens in a tab when you click the barcode option like below.
    • 5. Once your settings are configured save them, you will see a pop-up.

4. Use the ELNDocSender

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