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OW-Server Quick start guide

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Getting started with the OW-SERVER can be done by following a few steps. Please review all steps in this guide to ensure you will have everything ready to complete the setup.

1. Apply power to the OW-SERVER. The green PWR/ACT LED will begin to flash at one-second intervals, indicating that the product is operating normally. Power must be 5 volts at 400 milliamp (minimum).  Depending on your model this can be done with either 1) the supplied power adapter, 2) by a USB cable. 

2. Connect to your Network

i. Using the OW-SERVER-WIFI-2 internal USB flash drive, change the settings to match your existing network. The example to the right uses these custom WiFi settings:
Net Type: Infrastructure
Security Type: WPA2_Passphrase
Security Key: 2019FortuneDr.

Remove power, and then using a USB cable with a micro USB connector on one side, connect to the OW-SERVER-WIFI-2 PWR/USB port and to your computer.  The OW-SERVER will appear as a flash drive. The flash drive on your computer will have a file on it called CONFIG.TXT. Open this file in a text editor, make the desired changes, save the file, eject the disk and disconnect the OW-SERVERWIFI-2 from the computer. When power is reapplied, the changes will go into effect – note that this may take up to 45 seconds.
For more information, please read KB-OW-Server WiFi.

ii. For OW-SERVER ENET, connect a live network cable to the Ethernet Port on the device. The green LED on the Ethernet connector will illuminate, indicating a valid network connection. The yellow LED on the Ethernet connector blinks only when there is network traffic.

3. Connect a 1-Wire Device. Connect a supported 1-Wire device to any of the 1-Wire RJ12 connectors.

4. Determine the IP address of the OW-SERVER by checking your DHCP server logs or using EDS Appliance Scanner Software available from the EDS website in Downloads section. If the OW-SERVER does not find a DHCP server running on your network, it will default to the following IP address:

5. Configure your device. Type the IP address of the OW-SERVER into your Web browser (e.g., and press enter. Select the tab “Network Setup” for WiFi or the link on the left called “WEB Setup” for ENET. When the name and password is requested, enter “admin” for the name and “eds” for the password. A Web page similar to the one shown to the right will enable you to configure and monitor various aspects of your OW-SERVER.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully installed your EDS OW-SERVER.

For more information, please read the KB-OW-Server WiFi manual for WiFi and KB-OW-Server ENET for ENET.