Expand LabCollector LIMS Capabilities With Additional Modules

LabCollector LIMS can include optional applications. We are constantly working on these modules to provide you with a larger choice of features. In the near future we may open this possibilities to custom 3rd party modules. You can also suggest ideas for optional modules in our contact form.

Electronic Lab

You can save and manage your experimental results with our ELN module. Built as a collaborative platform you can create books and share them with lab collaborators. It is versatile with the possibility to generate Workflows based on specific templates. Use Workflow and page templates for routine work or free and flexible experiment records for research activity. Organization of experimental data is made in 3 levels displayed in a tree-like browser. The ELN is easily searched by keywords and content. Includes integrated certificates management and digital signature content validation.

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LSM – Lab Services

This add-on will allow a lab to keep track of client samples, gather them in jobs (with workflows/task lists), manage plates and generate or export data into reports and have service history for billing purposes, etc. It will manage any kind of lab service (analysis, microbiology, chemistry, molecular biology, etc).

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Data Logger

LIMS Data Logger

This add-on centralizes temperature, pressure, humidity and many more sensors values over time. It includes automatic import from network loggers. All temperature data is stored and displayed graphically. LabCollector samples are then easily associated to temperature charts. GSM/SMS and email alerts can be used.

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LIMS workflow manager

This add-on allows the management of workflow templates (a catalog of job workflows) that can be used to start new jobs. All jobs are stored and then status and advancement can be monitored. Step validation is possible. Steps are linked to LabCollector data modules for record storage and edition.

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This module gives you a way to store and organize all photos you generate during your projects from microscopy, electrophoresis, animals, etc. You can create unlimited galleries, unlimited categories, upload several photos in a click, comment, etc. It can support TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF and most movie formats. It also allows custom media formats definition to help you store/archive raw images. Linking to samples in LabCollector is possible.
A Photo Uploader tool for Windows is also available to speed up charging images to the PhotoBank directly from image source computers. Read More.

LIMS Sample Receiving AddOn

Sample Receiving

AgileBio has developed a solution to organize samples – the Sample Receiving add-on can be easily downloaded and integrated into LabCollector. The Sample Receiving add-on manages the receiving of samples and their transfer from packages to plates. An automatic error message will appear to indicate if a sample has already been recorded/checked. After completing the plate, validation is required to allow the Quality Control check-up.

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This add-on module provides a calendar system for LabCollector LIMS. Each user can create and share several calendars to manage single and recurring events. A general shared calendar is visible to all lab members for common events. Calendar sharing is defined by user and by group, and allows groups to be formed around project calendars. All events can be linked to existing LabCollector records, allowing scheduling of events related to biological actions (e.g. blood sampling on patients or animals).

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Our equipment scheduling system adds a scheduling & reservation calendar to equipment listed on LabCollector LIMS. Users can quickly check & add reservations to any equipment or facility in the lab. It supports recurrent events (including every day or specific days of the week). It includes a reporting tool to give equipment usage statistics in the past or upcoming events (by user, by equipment or by categories) Read More.

Tube Sorter

This add-on helps to recover dispatched samples on storage and place them on a working tray. It generates a picklist automatically and the necessary instruction files for the tube sorter robot (BioMicroLab …).

The module also generates instruction files or sample sheets for Fluidigm EP1, Floyd 2D Picker, Hamilton and Illumina! Other equipment integrations can be added.

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Simple Test Lab

This FREE add-on for LabCollector has been created for labs that need to deal with basic testing with efficiency AND simplicity. Here you have a connection with 3 modules: the Address Book to handle the information of the patient or the requester, the sample module for your sample storage management, and a module for your reports & results.

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Aquarium Facility

LIMS Aquarium AddOn

This add-on is a complete animal facility management system dedicated to fish growth and experiments. You can manage fish entries, transfers and exits from tanks, growth, feeding (including live food production), custom and unlimited alerts. It gives inventory and several types of reports. You can manage all kinds of aquatic animals including mutants or transgenic breedings. Integrates easily into LabCollector LIMS. This is a multilingual module (currently French and English).

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Plants Manager

This add-on allows a lab to keep track of seeds, plant growing (trays management). All seeds generations will be tracked. Barcode support and storage management is included. Plant generation navigation is included.

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PTS – Protein
Tracking System

­This add-on is a protein production management system. Integrated into LabCollector, PTS allows the lab to follow up different process and task progression in many projects. Users can follow all steps of protein production, purification, analysis through to final use or delivery to an end user.

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Gantty Project

LIMS Gantty Project Manager AddOn

This add-on allows a lab to manage projects in a collaborative platform. Keep track of project budgets, resources, expenses, and files. Follow progress with Gantt charts.

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SNP Genotyping

This add-on allows the management of typical workflow for SNP genotyping labs. It includes assays vials storage and retrieving (pick lists) using machine pickers, preparing plates for Fluidigm EP1, re-ordering of assays to suppliers, etc.

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This add-on allows you to sequentially populate plates or boxes from single vial tubes. Just read tube/vial barcode to automatically insert in a new plate/box map.

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Query Builder

This add-on is a visual database query builder to create custom data reports/exports. It follows relations between modules. You can design any type of query with filters to extract part or total of your record relations. You can save queries for later reuse for regular reporting. Reports can be sent to Excel.

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Add-on for automatic file parsing from local or cloud folders.

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Central Store Management

The Central Store Management Addon helps various labs to have a centralized ordering system. It helps big labs with various franchises to have a management system for a common stock room. Orders can be created depending on requests of different labs.

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This collaborative catalog is designed for enterprise scale installations such as an entire campus, department. The catalog allows LabCollector LIMS users to share data from modules across users of other LabCollector local instances. Therefore a LabCollector user can search if a product like a reagent, antibody, primer, plasmid … is available in other labs or groups. This provides a balance of cost savings by sharing resources while maintaining privacy within and between groups.

Each lab team chooses which information they want to share with the lab community through an extensible configuration file.

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Orders Manager

This application allows administrative department manager to have access to all the purchase lists form the different instances of LabCollector on the enterprise server.

The Purchase Orders Manager will help you to manage the order lists, the reagents, chemicals and supplies but also sellers contact details.

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Public Database
from LabCollector

LIMS Public Database

LabCollector is user access restricted. However, in some cases a public database may be interesting to provide a list of lab resources to a larger community.

For those who need a catalog of resources for other labs in the same network (same institution for example), we offer a template page that can be customized to give access to defined custom modules. Users can be granted visitor credentials to log in to that page and will be given access to your chosen “public” modules.

Features include the search engine, however, storage and other information are removed.

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SSM – Sequencing
Service Management

LIMS Sequencing Service Management AddOn

This add-on gives the tools to a lab to manage clients and sequencing orders. Users will be able to place orders and check sequencing status and download results. Service admin will manage orders, organize them on plates or single tubes and easily upload results.

It comes with an ABI chromatogram file viewer, integrated for efficient results management. SSM is composed of two main interfaces: Sanger sequencing and NGS service managements. NGS part gives project follow-up tools with result delivery.

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To Your Project

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