Analytical Laboratories

Give a new life to your laboratory with LabCollector LIMS!
A secure, compliant and configurable LIMS for all analytical laboratories

As a complete web-based software, LabCollector LIMS provides a simple solution to make your laboratory more efficient and organized. This software adapts perfectly to the needs of your laboratory thanks to its large catalog of modules, add-ons and other applications allowing a configurable and flexible solution. LabCollector’s modularity provides the flexibility to manage all the work of an analytical laboratory and much more.

Some labs using our Solution


  • Instrument Management:

  • Keep track of all your equipment and the person in charge
  • QC with integrated metrology features
  • Receive email alerts for scheduled maintenance and store related reports
  • Connect instruments via API or our tailor-made software I-Collector
  • Reagents & Supplies Management:

  • Risk and Safety information – MSDS Links, hazard pictograms, and CAS nomenclature
  • Alerts when stocks are expiring (FIFO option included) or running low
  • Link to Purchase Order management system
  • Disposal management track record

Test Management & Job Submission

Our Lab Services Manager (LSM) add-on with our remote web portal, LSMRemote provide the perfect platform for job submission and tests management.

  • Group samples into jobs
  • Create batches
  • Generate and print barcodes to track samples
  • Assign jobs to staff
  • Track job progress and status in real time
  • Enter the analytical results and send a report
  • Link Workflow Manager to LSM add-on
  • Automatic billing can be configured
  • Possibility to integrate several external tools: SMS, Fax, Appointment Scheduling and more







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