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In LSM jobs you can create custom fields that are required by you to do tests.
These fields can be created by going to LSM -> ADMIN ->PREFERENCES -> PARAMETERS

To rearrange the fields you can follow the below steps:-

1. Add parameters at the job or sample level

2. Re-order parameters in LSM

1. Add parameters at the job or sample level

  • To add a project go to LSM -> ADMIN ->PREFERENCES -> PARAMETERS
  • You can see the link to see how to create parameters.
  • Remember to create parameters at the job Level.
  • Sometimes the job and sample parameters don’t appear the way we want them. For example, we want the first name and last name of a person to be one after the other, but it is not like in the below example.

2. Re-order parameters in LSM

  • In such cases you can go back to LSM -> ADMIN ->PREFERENCES -> PARAMETERS and click on the order option.

  • You will see the below pop-up where you can drag and drop the parameters you want to rearrange.

  • Once you “drag & drop’ and rearrange the parameters they will be organized when you go to LSM -> JOB -> ADD JOB.

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