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LSMRemote now helps to integrate a scheduling application, that helps clients/requesters to have a platform that helps scheduling appointments. You can easily configure the settings for it to activate it for patients to schedule their appointments.
*Please see our knowledgebase on how to use the job pre-registration option in LSMRemote.

The acuity scheduling can be only used for Job pre-registration and not patient pre-registration option in LSMRemote.

Follow the below steps to use acuity scheduling:

1. Registering to Acuity scheduling

2. Customize appearance of acuity scheduling page

3. Connecting Acuity to job pre-registration in LSMRemote


*This is a step by step guide for acuity scheduling, however, you can also integrate other application for scheduling appointments. Please contact us for more information.

1. Registering to Acuity scheduling

You can click on the website acuity scheduling to register there.

You can login using either option A or B.
It is a trial account for few days, you need to purchase it in order to use it for longer time.

You can register using the below options. For example purposes, we use the email option 1.

Add your information 2 with emailing information and click on continue once done 3.

Once the profile is made, you can see the dashboard 4.


Using this scheduling option you can configure the settings for your lab scheduling page.
When you click on scheduling, you can add your  business name and other details 5.


Using this scheduling option you can configure the settings for your lab scheduling page. You can add : (you can modify this information later)

  • Test name

  • Price for the test

  • duration that will be required for one appointment approximately.

Once you are don’t you can click on next 6.


You can set your availability, meaning when your sample collection center, will be open. You can add the timings accordingly. Once you are done click on next 7.

Once you are setup you will see the message like the image. You can click on Get started 8.

You can always access your account and adjust the settings using your scheduling app. When you click on Get started you will be automatically redirected to configure more settings like in the image.The points 3 and 4 in the image are explained in Section 2.

2. Customize appearance of acuity scheduling page


You can go to the “Scheduling” option and on the left hand column, choose the Appearance option to customize the look of the scheduling page. 

Customize your Scheduling page

You can select the appearance of scheduling page:

  • Template

  • Business name

  • Logo

You can edit or add

  • Scheduling instructions

  • Time format

  • Language

You can set the

  • Time zone

  • Font

  • The color 

  • Change the wording for scheduling appointments

Once your done you can save the changes.

Sync with other

Once you have saved the changes in step 5, you can go to the top of the webpage and sync the appointment calendar to your other calendars.

3. Connecting Acuity to job pre-registration in LSMRemote

Step 1

Once you have finished the appearance setting you will see the settings for Scheduling page link.
This is the link that will be visible to your patients to do the job pre-registration with the scheduling calendar from acuity.

Step 2

When you click on the menu, you will see the Scheduling Page Options.

Step 3

When you click on scheduling options, you will be able to customize more how you want your appointments to work.

Step 4

Once you save changes in above step 3, you will have more options which allow you to change the link of your scheduling.
You need to click on “Add to your website

Step 5

When you click on the “Add to your website” you will see a general link that you need to change according to your requester ID.Please see the below step 6 before changing the link.

Step 6:

Name of the link logic

The link that you create in step 5 is very important as it will be the one that will connect to the LabCollector’s LSMRemote portal.
So to name it you need to know 2 things from the Lab which has LabCollector with LSM add-on and access to superadmin  user level.

1. Name in the config.ini

2. Requester ID in LSM

Be Careful note
When a lab has many requesters/clients the name in the config.ini will be a common one to which the requesters can link their ID.
For example if agilebio lab has 3 requesters with ID 1, 2 & 3, then the name in config.ini will be “agilebio” and the requesters will add their IDs individually to them.
Their links on acuity will be:

Step 7: 

The link that you created will now be linked to the LSMRemote, job pre-registration.

Step 8

When the patients click on the job pre-registration option the scheduling option and fill the form by selecting the requester and filling all the data.

Once you have filled the form, you can go to save the form, where you will see the QR code along with the appointment option.

Once done you can close the window popup for registration.

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