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To print storage records from any of the modules go to the selected record, under the ID tab and click on the ‘eye’ which shows ‘Click to open the record’.

  • Go to the storage icon   showing “Display all secondary storage spaces”.
  • All the storage items will appear.
  • You can choose to print the items in a ‘list’ or a ‘box’ view.
  • Select “Print” option.
  • A new page with all the storage information will appear. Choose the correct printer and page layout to print the storage records or you can also save it as PDF file.

You can also print the storage information as well as the record information while printing records. While making a template or selecting module fields, you have to select the storage information: storage, secondary storage, number of vials. (Please click the link to check how to print a record).

NOTE: You cannot select the storage items to be displayed. All of them will be printed by default.

             In the print view, do not click on the cross of storage otherwise, a new page will pop up and ask to delete the storage.