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File Connector allows you to edit files in real-time. This software will be installed on your local computer. You can just go to the LabCollector record where the file is uploaded and click on the file that you want to edit with the help of the file connector. 
Downloading file connector and how to edit the files using the file connector are described below.

To download and install File Connector, follow the below steps.

1.Installing File Connector

2.Using the File Connector

  • Editing excel with “Spreadsheet Data” by Zoho

1.Installing File Connector

2.Using the File Connector

  • Go to Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) in and click on the page that you want to edit file in.
    *You can attach files under the tab “Associated Files” in a Page in ELN.

  • If you have not installed the FileConnector you can download it by clicking “download it from here”.
  • If you have already installed FileConnector, you will see the below pop-up, where you can click on allow.

  • You will see the file opening. For example because we opened an excel file it looks like below.

  • You can also see “Files” button on top of your computer scree, telling you that one file is in your FileConnector list to be edited.
  • Once you save the file after editing, you can have options for either
    • Edit: to keep editing the file
    • Send/Keep: this allows to save the changes you made till now and keep the real-time editing on.
    • Send/Finish: this allows to save the changes and finish editing.
    • Discard: if you don’t want to edit the file you can just click on discard

  • Once you click on Discard, the file will be discarded and you will “0” on the top FileConnector tab.

Editing excel with “Spreadsheet Data” by Zoho

  • If you want to edit an excel, you can also upload it under “SpreadSheet Data”.

  • Once you import a file, you can click on the

  • The file will open in an excel application, outside LabCollector, like below.

  • If you want to exit the application, just go below on FileConnector application and click on exit.
The above images were done with below version of macOS.


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