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Windows LabCollector Server Manager provides an easy access to configuration file and control over server status and a backup engine. It now provides option for high availability that provides access to clone the LabCollector in real time. This helps you to keep always a backup copy in case you loose the data on current (Master) server.

To install and use LabCollector Server Manager:

1. Installation & Update of LabCollector Server Manager

2. High availability

  • Standalone
  • Master
  • Replica
  • Webfiles

1. Installation & Update of LabCollector Server Manager

2. High availability



  • NEW! High Availability is the ability of a system to operate continuously without failing for a designated period of time. This features provides you option to have a backup of database in real time. This helps to have a backup incase the master server crashes, you will always have a backup on the replicate server.
    *This feature will only be available in PRO version.
    You will see three options:


  • This where no database replication is taking place.


  • This is the current server where the data base is replicate from.
    • You need to apply the settings and then click on check Master status.
      *Only fill the root password if you are have changed it or have it, otherwise leave it empty.
    • You should see a logs and be able to scroll down and see the file name and position.
    • This means that you have configured your Master server to be replicated and have the information of the file and position to be replicated.
    • Now you have to do the settings of Replica (see below)


    • This is the server where the master server will be replicated to.
      *Note that Master server and replica server are always separate servers.
    • You need to to add the file name under “Master log file”. ( see the Master part above to find file name).
    • You need to to add the position under “Master log file point”. ( see the Master part above to find file name).
    • Apply the settings.
    • You will see that the start and stop button become active.
    • You can use the start & stop button to stop replicating or start replicating.
    • You can also check the replica status by clicking on the orange button to “Check replica status”.
    • Now your server is being replicated and even if the master server crashes you will have the database duplicate in the replica server.


    • You will need to also replicate or have a backup the files in your instance installation folder.
      *This option is only for Replica feature and not for standalone and Master.
    • So you need to MAP the folder of instance from a network drive for example onto to the replica.
    • Hence you need to add URI address that links to your www folder like below.
    • Once you have selected the folder, you need to click on the “Start Sync” button.
    • Now your files of LabCollector installation from www folder will be replicated/backed up to in the replica server.

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