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For those of you using LabCollector extensively as a lab resource repository, the Event Calendar add-on presents unique features. The event calendar add-on brings a configurable calendar manager allowing to share events on multiple calendars between users and/or groups. Events can be of single occurrence or repeated in multiple ways.
Events can be linked to any data record in LabCollector, allowing work organization and planing to be done on samples for example.

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Equipment Maintenance Calendar

The Equipment module is one of the most widely used modules in LabCollector. Our clients use it as a repository for their lab/institute/company equipment and associated maintenance (dates + reports). Thanks to its API, Event Calendar can be easily configured to automatically centralize all your maintenance date. In addition to having alerts for the expected maintenance, a calendar view of the upcoming maintenance makes it easier to schedule your appointments.

Link to LabCollector Modules

You have been using LabCollector for a while, therefore it contains a plethora of data, resources, samples and documents. Why not take advantage of this useful feature of the Event Calendar of linking to LabCollector data. Let’s say you are planning a meeting with your team members and you want the attendees to read a specific document beforehand. There’s no need to attach files to an email – when creating a new event in your calendar, just search for the document already saved in LabCollector and link it to the event.

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