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Webinars is a new add-on by LabCollector for hosting meetings, trainings, etc within the LabCollector LIMS. 

Please see below to know more about options in Webinars add-on.

1. Installation

2. Interface of webinars

3. Create a room

4. Join the meeting

1. Installation

  • Webinars is a free add-on and will be directly present in your instance.
  • If you click on it, you might see the homepage.
  • If you don’t see the homepage, you will see the install button, you need to click on it.

  • You will see all green installation files.
  • Click on “Go to your addon”, it will redirect you to homepage of webinars add-on, whose interface is explained below.

2. Interface of webinars

  • Webinars interface is simple and interactive, making it easy to use.

  • A. You can click on “Home” button to always get back to the main interface page. Settings will give you information about the license.
  • B. You can create meetings by clicking on the “Create a room”, this part is explained in next part.
  • C. This is where you will see the meetings are schedule.
    • You will see meeting names and details about them in the small icon.
    • Start date and the time of the meeting will be mentioned. 
    • Collaborators will be visible and the name with the small star will be the owner of the meeting. The small icon will show the owner and the people participating in the meeting.
    • The status of meetings will show if the meetings are finished or yet to be done will show “Pending” status.
    • If you are a meeting you can join the meeting by “join” button. You can also meeting details. You also have the option to delete it. 

3. Create a room

  • Create a room allows you to create a meeting.
  • 1. You can write name of the meeting.
  • 2. Description about the meeting.
  • 3. In Room planning can be done by adding the date and timings for the meeting.
  • 4. In the collaborators section you can add the owner of the meeting (it can be you or you can allot another user too) and the users who need to be part of the meeting.
  • Once all this is done, you can save the settings by clicking “Create room”. This room will be now visible in the home page of the webinar add-on and you will be redirected to this page.
  • You can remove the meeting if you have made any mistakes or have created in error.
  • To add people in meeting using meeting link, can be only done when you have joined the meeting. Please the part of creating a meeting link below in section.

4. Join a meeting

  • Click on the meeting to join.
  • You cannot join a meeting if you are not part of it.

  • 1. This part will show your internet connection. Green represents a strong connection.
  • 2. You can select conference more where everyone can speak. For now only this option works in this version of the add-on.
  • 3. You can Click on this option to write you name which will be visible to others in meeting.
  • 4. You can get in the meeting or preview it.
  • 5. Will allow you to do various settings in the meeting:

    • i. Choose avatar or you can upload your own image which can be png, svg, jpg.
    • ii. You need to choose Conference-everyone can speak option. Only this option for this add-on.
    • iii. You can enter the room information, if you wish.
    • iv. Peer to peer mode allows you to do video conferencing is a form of video communication that’s directly between two people, no cloud or outside servers required. Click on the small question mark icon to read more.
    • v. This will help with browsers that requires permissions for pop-ups or audio/video or notifications.
  • 6. You will see various options that can assist you with the meeting.
    • You can mute or unmute your microphone.
    • You can on or off your video.
    • Plugins allow a user to add any new features from the existing list of plugins.
    • will show you the same settings as point 5 above.
  • Once you enter the meeting you will see the following options.

    1. You will see options related to entering your display name, changing the language of the interface, menu placement, choosing theme. Other settings include mirroring your camera, debug more and other audio video settings.
      *It is generally advise not to change the other settings like debug mode or audio video, much as most of them are for the developers & not much for meeting use. 

    2. Create a meeting link: If you invite more people in the meeting you can copy the link and send invitation to invite a user.
    3. You can click and edit your display name.
    4. Mute and unmute your mike.
    5. Control your video.
    6. Share screen to show your ppt or your computer screen.
    7. You can lock the room and also set a password for the same. This way only people with the password can join the meeting.
    8. You can raise your hands and check the plugins if you need to install. See point 6 above for plugins.
    9. You can quit meeting by clicking this option.
    10. You can chat with the users. See the participants, mute them all or close their videos and allow people to join the meeting who are in waiting room.

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