New Blog: Barcoding with LabCollector!

Barcode printing allows to improve the organization of laboratories with a standardized label system. It helps with specimen identification & sample tracking. It is proven that labeling systems in laboratories and biobanks can reduce manual-entry errors, misidentifying samples, improve testing … Continued

New Blog: LabCollector v6.11 is here!

  The long awaited new version is here! Get ready to improve your experience with¬†LabCollector v6.11! You can store your data, manage your experiments, perform tests and do much more with LabCollector LIMS software. With this version LabCollector got many … Continued

New version LabCollector 6.11

LabCollector, a leading laboratory information management system (LIMS) software, has released a new version, LabCollector v6.11. This update includes improved security features, such as the integration of OAuth2 for Office365 and Gmail to comply with secure SMTP integration requirements. The … Continued

New Blog: Manage batch sampling efficiently with LabCollector!

In today’s fast-paced laboratory environment, it’s more important than ever to have efficient and reliable tools for managing and organizing large quantities of samples and tubes. That’s where LabCollector comes in. LabCollector is a software that integrates hardware such as … Continued

Handle Recipes like a chef with LabCollector v6.10!

Handle Recipes like a chef! The Recipes tool is improving   LabCollector 6.1 is here! And with this new version, some amazing new features for RECIPES are here too. Let’s find out more. What is Recipes & Production? Recipe Manager … Continued

LabCollector v6.10 is here!

Let’s see LabCollector in color & more! LabCollector 6.10 is here! Amazing new features are now available with this new version. Color customization, reports in different languages, improved data import, and much more! Here are some of the most important … Continued

New version ELN v4.23 with many new features!

New version ELN v4.23 with many new features! The new version of ELN is here! Discover now the version 4.23 with many new features: Voice recording block, block expansion feature, link between a recipe and a page AND with that, … Continued

No more Dymo Label Writer 450 on Storage Accessories

  ¬≠ ¬≠ ¬≠ ¬≠ End of line for Dymo LabelWriter 450 ¬≠ We have unfortunately learned that the Dymo LabelWriter 450 printer is no longer manufactured. ūüėě Therefore, we can no longer offer it in our Storage Accessories catalog. … Continued

New LSM v4.04 & LSMRemote features!

  New LSM v4.052 & LSMRemote with many new features! ¬≠ ¬≠ ¬≠ ¬≠ ¬≠ ¬≠ NEW | DISPOSE/RETURN SAMPLES ¬≠ Dispose or return samples of jobs with a simple click. See all the disposed/returned samples in a dedicated list … Continued

AgileBio wishes you a Happy New Year 2022!

¬≠ Another year has come to an end! The entire AgileBio team would like to thank you for being part of the growing LabCollector family.   This year has been a year of innovation, evolution, interesting projects and challenges! Many … Continued

New LabCollector v6.05

New LabCollector v6.05!   Update Now What’s new in LabCollector v6.05 ¬† Security improvements: When resetting a password, you are no longer allowed to use the same one as before. Security improvements: the reset allows only 3 unsuccessful attempts before … Continued

LabCollector v6.045 – new features & security update

New important security update for LabCollector   A new version of LabCollector v6.045 is now available for download which brings important security fixes and new features. We strongly recommend you to update your LabCollector instance as soon as possible, make … Continued

Discover our new add-on: Stability Tests!

  ¬≠ ¬≠ ¬≠ Discover our new add-on! ¬≠ ¬≠ Stability Test Manager ¬≠ ¬≠ ¬≠ ¬≠ What does this add-on do? ¬≠ ¬≠ ¬≠ Stability Test Manager helps you plan product stability tests over a period of time. Manage … Continued

New LSM v4.04 & LSMRemote features!

  New LSM v4.04 & LSMRemote features! ¬≠ ¬≠ ¬≠ ¬≠ ¬≠ ¬≠ NEW | LABSOFT INTEGRATION ¬≠ ‚ÄúSince 1992, LabSoft has provided the healthcare industry with some of the most innovative and powerful software solutions that have solved complex … Continued

LabCollector has some news for you!

  Many news and updates with many surprises!   Webinars, Aquarium, Sample Receiving & Scheduler add-on. Discover now all the new features! ¬≠ ¬≠ ¬≠ ¬≠ ¬≠ ¬≠ ¬≠ NEW | WEBINARS ADD-ON v1.0 ¬≠ With the Webinars add-on, you … Continued

New & improved version of LSM v.4.039 with more features!

  Advanced LSM & LSMRemote: Testing made even more easier!   Everyday LSM features are enhanced making workflows of labs easier.¬†LSM now comes with more options for integrations, printing barcodes, automatic record creation, and many more features.¬†Discover these new features … Continued

LabCollector v6.04 is here with great new features!

Please, complete the security check to access your LabCollector!¬† ¬†¬† We are pleased to announce that the new version of LabCollector v6.04 is now available! The entire LabCollector team has been busy developing the new version of LabCollector v6.04 with … Continued

Discover Now our New Pack for NGS labs!

LabCollector supports your NGS activity at every stage of your protocol!¬† LabCollector provides a configurable¬†on-premise¬†or¬†cloud-based¬†NGS LIMS solution that enables complete sample tracking through the¬†NGS pipeline, from request to sample processing and result delivery. Our solution can support¬†any NGS lab¬†from R&D … Continued

Add a QR Code to your report!

NEW:¬† Add a QR Code to your report! LabCollector has made some improvements for LSM & LSMRemote. Discover now the new features:¬† LSM | Report QR Code A new tag is now available on the report template!¬†##case_qr_code## With this new … Continued

Improved security with LabCollector v6.032!

Improved security with LabCollector v6.032?¬† Your data must always be safe. In order to ensure this security, the LabCollector team has developed a few adjustments and improvements to the security. ¬† We recommend upgrading to this version for all clients … Continued

LabCollector v6.03 is here and much more!

  New Versions LabCollector v6.03 & More! We are pleased to announce that a¬†new version¬†of LabCollector v6.03 is now available! The entire LabCollector team has been busy developing the new version of LabCollector v6.03 as well as the new version … Continued

New features for LSM v4.034 & LSMRemote web portal!

  What’s new in LSM & LSMRemote web portal ?¬† Our LSM add-on and its LSMRemote portal are constantly evolving to bring you maximum functionality to help you provide exemplary service to your laboratory partners. New features are now available … Continued

LabCollector v6.0 got even better with v6.01!

We are pleased to announce that the new version of LabCollector v6.01 is now available.   We launched labcollector v6.0 a few months ago. And despite everything, we have continued to work with you and for you to improve this … Continued

Blog: All New LabCollector v6.0!

Version 6.0‚ĶWhats new? Let it be a laptop, computer or be software‚ĶStylish is the new normal! We are happy to introduce our LabCollector v6.0 with a refashioned design and refreshed stylish look in over a decade. Are you a researcher? … Continued

New LSM v3.217 and WF v4.44: Update now!

We are delighted to announce the release of LSM v.3.217 and WF v4.44. LSM and WF add-ons have been improved in order for better usage and adaptability. LSM new version will now help you with easy barcode printing, handling, customization, … Continued

LSM v3.215 Release

We‚Äôre delighted to announce the release of LabCollector LSM v3.215 (Lab Service Management) We’re delighted to announce the release of LSM add-on v3.215 for LabCollector. We continue to improve its features for better usability and compliance. LSM is a great … Continued

AgileBio Launches a LIMS Package Addressed to COVID-19 Labs

  AgileBio, a leading global provider of LabCollector LIMS solution that enhances research, testing & traceability to scientist teams announces new COVID LabCollector + Lab Service Management (LSM) Pack that will increase the speed and efficiency in COVID-19 tests management. … Continued

Lab Management via Mobile App

Organize your lab EVERYWHERE with the new Mobile LabCollector app. LabCollector now accompanies you anywhere around the world. No access to Laptop, computer? No worries, we got you covered…‚Ķ‚Ķ with our new LabCollector MOBILE APP… Read More by ntusamda | … Continued

Blog: All-In-One Management ELN

Data reproducibility is one of the most important aspects of any research. If you are a drug discovery unit, data integrity & regulatory compliance are of utmost importance. Paper Lab notebooks can only help you with the data reproducibility & … Continued

Great Wall Symposium 2019

AgileBio will be sponsoring this year’s Great Wall Symposium event! This symposium is aimed at researchers studying aspects of peptidoglycan metabolism including academia and industry, particularly, post-doctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students. Although not particularly aimed at clinical microbiologists and … Continued

LabCollector New Version 5.423

We‚Äôre delighted to announce the release of LabCollector version 5.423! We have added or made changes to several key features: Access to audit trail Calculated fields aggregation Calculated fields with indication of range Compliancy mode enforcing password renewal This is … Continued

LabCollector New Version 5.422

We‚Äôre delighted to announce the release of LabCollector version 5.422! We have added or made changes to several key features: Import storage info together with records Import storage locations by numbers instead of coordinates Better importer for molecules with MOL … Continued

LabCollector new version 5.42

We‚Äôre delighted to announce the release of LabCollector version 5.42! We have added or made changes to several key features: Many improvements in custom fields (calculations, controls, formulas…) New features in the Purchase Order Manager (threshold approvals…) Inline field value … Continued

LabCollector is at the ASHG 2018

  AgileBio is an exhibitor at the American Society of Human Genetics conference in San Diego – ASHG 2018. We will present the LabCollector solution and if you are attending don’t hesitate to visit our space at #242. LabCollector is … Continued

Self-service license creation!

This is a major change in our procedure. Up until now, you would send us an email with your computer activation key and we would send back the license key that you had to copy and paste into LabCollector. This … Continued

LabCollector new version 5.41

We‚Äôre delighted to announce the release of LabCollector version 5.41! We have added and made changes to several key features: Custom fields with calculations. Improved purchase order logic with better approval controls. Bulk actions for deriving, archiving. Recipe execution improvement. … Continued

Mug Challenge!

Win mugs for your lab! It’s easy! Just create a team and add your lab members to it! The more you add, the more mugs you’ll get: 1 mug for 3 members 2 mugs for 5 members 3 mugs for … Continued

LabCollector new version v5.4!

We‚Äôre delighted to announce the release of LabCollector version 5.4! We have added and made changes to several key features: 1. Multiple group membership. You can now create a user and assign them to multiple groups and to a primary … Continued

Cancer Immunotherapy Symposium 2018

  LabCollector provides valuable management tools for immunology laboratories supporting research and clinical trials. It is with great honor that AgileBio LLC supports scientific exchanges in this challenging domain. To know more about this conference, click here.  

Biotechnology Vendor Showcase‚ĄĘ 2018

  LabCollector will be attending the 44th Semiannual Biotechnology Vendor Showcase‚ĄĘ Event at University of California, San Diego on February 15 2018. Come and meet our team at the Biotechnology Vendor Showcase and discover our new Lab management solutions. Attendance … Continued