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The following Knoweldge Base is aimed at explaining how you can configure and start using our latest addition to LabCollector “Weight Tracker Add-on”

This Add-On is a powerful tool that enables precise weight monitoring, making it easier to track your sample and reagent quantities. The Weight Tracker Add-On facilitate lab processes, optimizes inventory management, and enhances your research experience. Let’s explore the benefits and features that make this add-on a must-have for all LabCollector users.


1. Why Should I Use Weight Tracker Add-on?

2. Add-On Setup

3. How to Process Weighings?

1. Why Should I Use Weight Tracker Add-On?

Real-time Quantity Monitoring: Stay updated on your sample or reagent levels with accurate real-time tracking. The add-on provides instant updates on the remaining quantity after each withdrawal, ensuring you never run out unexpectedly.

Easy Configuration: Set up the Weight Tracker with just a few clicks. Access “Settings” and navigate to “Setup” to choose the module for weight monitoring and select the corresponding fields, such as “Tare = Weight of Empty Container,” previous mass, variation, remaining quantity, and more.

Faster Weighing Process: Initiate the weighing process much faster. Scan the barcode or manually enter the lot number, and you’re ready to start monitoring. The add-on maintains a complete history of all weighings, providing a clear overview of your sample usage.

Customizable Steps: This add-on caters to your unique workflows. If no measurements were performed, you can manually enter the “tare” value and proceed with the subsequent steps. The add-on provides step-by-step guidance for a user-friendly experience.

Automated Inventory Updates: The add-on also automatically updates your inventory records as you perform weighings and measurements. The quantities will be adjusted in the “Reagents & Supplies” module, saving time and reducing errors.

Enhanced User Interface: The add-on features an intuitive design and step-by-step explanations for a smooth and efficient weighing process for users of all experience levels.

The Weight Tracker add-on is a valuable extension of LabCollector, catering to research laboratories, scientific institutions, and industries handling sample or reagent quantities. By providing an accurate and efficient system for weight tracking, it contributes significantly to the smooth functioning of your lab.

2. Add-On Setup:

Upon accessing the Weight Tracker add-on, follow these simple steps to set it up:

  1. Click on icon located on the top right corner.
  2. From the dropdown menu, select “Setup” to access the setup page for the Weight Tracker add-on.

You will then see the following page (as shown in the screenshot below):

You will then have to select the corresponding preferred field for each of the following options: (Please refer to the numbers in the screenshot above)

A: Modules: Here, you will have to select the module from which the products will be weighed and the one in which the weighings will be registered:

   1. Modules of the product to be weighed: Select the specific modules from which the products will be weighed. For example, you may choose the “Reagents & Samples” module if you want to monitor the weight of chemical reagents.

   2. Module of the weighings: Choose the module in which the weighings will be registered. This could be a custom module dedicated to tracking weighings or any other module appropriate for your needs.

B: Field Mapping: The next crucial step is to perform field mapping for accurate data recording. Assign the appropriate fields to each of the following options:

3. Product: Map the field that contains the name or identifier of the product being weighed. For instance, if you are monitoring the weight of different chemicals, this field would typically store the chemical names.

4. Product lot: Select the field that holds the lot number or unique identifier for each product batch.

5. Operation type: Choose the field that represents the type of operation or action performed during weighing. It could be “Withdrawal,” “Preparation,” or any other relevant operation type.

6. Tare: Map the field that records the weight of the empty container (flask, vial, etc.) before adding the product. This value will be subtracted from the total weight during weighing.

7. Previous mass: Assign the field that stores the previous mass of the product before the current weighing process.

8. Mass before use: Select the field responsible for recording the mass of the product before using it in the experiment or preparation.

 9. Variation: Choose the field that represents the variation or change in mass during the weighing process.

10. Remaining quantity: Map the field responsible for indicating the quantity of product remaining after the weighing process.

11. Mass after collection or preparation: Select the field that records the mass of the product after it has been collected or prepared.

12. Diluent lot if preparation: If applicable, choose the field that holds the lot number of the diluent used during preparation.

3. How to Process Weighings?

After finishing the setup, access the main page of the Weight Tracker Add-On, by clicking on button to begin the weighing process.

You will be prompted to either scan the barcode of the required lot or manually input its number. You will then have to select the required lot from the drop down menu, and click on the “Next” button to proceed.

On the right side of the screen, you can view the complete weighings history for the selected lot. If there is no previous weighing history, you can proceed by inputting a “tare” value, which is the weight of the empty container in grams.

Once you have entered the necessary information, click on to continue. Please note that at any given step, you have the option to opt-out by clicking on if, for any reason, you need to abort the process (e.g., selecting the wrong lot).

After clicking on “Next,” a recap table will be displayed, showing the name of the product and its lot number. You will see an option to “Continue with Same Lot” (as shown in the screenshot below). If you check this option, you can proceed with additional weighings for the same selected lot. If not, you will be redirected to the main page, where you can select another lot.

At any point during the weighing process, you have the option to switch to standalone view mode for enhanced visibility and focus. Simply click on the corresponding button located on the top right corner.

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