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Inventory Modules

All modules come pre-configured with standard fields for a quick and easy start. However, to align with your lab’s specific data scheme, LabCollector LIMS offers customization options such as unlimited extra fields, module preference definitions and various other configurations.

Current release: v.6.23


Samples Module

This module serves as the backbone for storing and managing various types of samples manipulated within your lab. From biological specimens to electronic components.

Reagents & SuppliesModule

From chemicals to laboratory consumables, this module provides a centralized repository for all materials essential for your lab operations


Efficiently manage information on lab equipment, including warranty, contract details, maintenance, calibration, and reservation calendar.

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Documents Module

This module serves as a centralized repository for storing various types of documents, protocols and projects to be shared across your lab network


Strains & Cells Module

Keep track of bacteria, cells, and other organisms. It facilitates the organization and display of critical information related to diverse biological entities

Chemical Structures

Store and manage chemical structures and proteins. This module facilitates easy access to structural data for effective research and experimentation

Animals Module

Facilitate the management of animal facilities, including cages, experiments, and ongoing research projects.


Store and search for plasmid data effortlessly with this module. It offers a structured platform for managing and accessing crucial genetic information

Primers Module

Detailed primer records including orientation, purity, and availability are housed within this module. It provides comprehensive management of primer-related data


Easily create and maintain your lab sequences database with this module. It offers intuitive tools for sequence organization, analysis, and retrieval from GenBank.

Antibodies Module

Custom define and store your antibodies, this module offers flexibility in defining various antibody properties for efficient tracking and management

Microarrays Module

Store raw microarray data and track experiments with this module. It provides a comprehensive archive of microarray experiments for reference and analysis.

Address Book Module

Manage contacts such as partners, clients, and vendors with this configurable module. It provides a convenient solution for organizing and accessing contact information.

Custom Module

You have the flexibility to create additional modules within LabCollector tailored to your needs. Allows for the creation of specialized databases to address unique requirements and workflows within your lab.

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