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For test labs that receive a request to perform tests (jobs) on a sample from a requester (clinic, hospital, etc), our Lab Service Management (LSM) add-on is the best option.

However, to make the process easier we offer our utility LSMRemote which helps both you and the requester.

LSMRemote application can be integrated into the website of the requester (clinic, hospital, etc).

This makes it easier for the requester to send and view the job requests.

Follow the steps below to use login and see options in LSMRemote:-

1. Integrate the LSMRemote into requesters website

2. LSMRemote login and registration

3. LSMRemote options

1. Integrate the LSMRemote into requesters website

2. LSMRemote registration & login 

  • The LSMRemote on the requester’s website will look like this.

  • A. You can log in with the credentials you have or you can register. When you register, for the first time you will be asked details and also you will be able to create new passwords.

    – Once the requester has submitted the registration, it will show the below message.

    – LSM add-on receives notifications for each Requester who has registered above. 


    – To validate or discard the requester you need click on the name of the requester, and you will see the below pop-up.

    – You can validate or discard the user. Once you validate the user, you will see the below message pop-up.


  • B. This is a new function in LSMRemote where the patients can access their report directly by accessing their token number.
         – This token number will be present when you submit the job and the CoC (Chain of Custody) will be produced.
           *Please check our KB to see how to submit a job in LSMRemote and see the CoC.
        For example, below is an example of a CoC, with the token number that you can give the patient to access his/her report.

    NOTE: You can add fields for this option, for example, you can add another field for security access. To do so you need to utilize the option “security_parameter” as described in this KB.
                         If you add for example; security_parameter = Last name, you will see the login option like below.

  • Once you login you will see a page like below in section 3.

3. LSMRemote options

  • *If you login for the first time you will not see any list of jobs below. It will be empty space below the search bar.
    *Below is the image for pre-configured LSMRemote so you can list of Jobs.


  • 1. This option helps requesters to get results from the research lab. It will refresh your page and show you the results as a report file in the below result column. 
  • 2. This order helps the requesters to submit an order/Job (test) for a sample. When you click on it you will see the below page where you can enter all the details regarding the patient and sample.
        – You can put the JOB number, choose your name from the list of requesters, define the priority level, enter the Purchase Order number if you do payments with a purchase order.
        – The case record corresponds to the patient details. The patient’s full name, gender, and date of birth. You can either edit an existing case record or create a new one.
        – In the sample data, you can add the rows of samples you want to have the test for, type of sample, date, tests, etc.
        – You have to define the tests, for each sample. It’s a mandatory field to fill. For example, we defined the PCR test for the below samples.
    *Please see the knowledgebase for how to submit job using LSMRemote.
    *Please see the knowledgebase for how to import jobs using CSV.

    *Please see the knowledgebase for how to accept and process pre-registered jobs.
  • 3. here you can change the language of your LSMRemote.
  • 4. This option shows your profile, you can logout from here.
  • 5. You can search for your job depending on the type or name of the sample, or project code, or any options you prefer. You can ask the research lab to configure these options for you.
    *Please see the knowledgebase for how to search in LSMRemote.
  • 6. here you can search based on each option like job ID, number, case record, received date, status, etc.
    *Please see the knowledgebase for how to search in LSMRemote.

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