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Gantty Project Manager Add-on

This add-on allows to create and follow project plans in a collaborative way. Organize your project tasks, schedule tasks, assign resources (costs and team staff), follow up progress and dates. Export your project reports with Gantt charts in Word format. Share your projects with your team, as all LabCollector tools Gantty Project Manager is web-based solution, enabling easy sharing inside your LabCollector platform.

Collaborative project planning
Budget tracking and allocation
Team management and progress
Comprehensive Gantt reports
Integrated cost management
Simplified task assignments

The Main Benefits of Gantty project manager

Visualize Your Project !

Following up your projects, allocating and managing your project members and resources. View at a glance your latest projects with their start date, duration, priority, progress.…


Plan your project with task
and milestone, and three
levels of priority.

Tasks Organization

Easily organize your task adding links start-start and end-start.

Manage Your Resources

Allocate and follow your budget in time for the overall budget and task by task.

Manage Your

Follow task progress by person,
team advancement and distribution
of the tasks in a team.

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