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How to open CSV in UTF8 in Excel?

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LabCollector allows you to create barcodes for all the records, using their unique ID’s. These barcodes help to gather all the information related to the specific record. You can create barcodes for all samples, reagents, etc.

To set up and use the printer, follow the below steps:-

1. Open CSV in UTF8 in Excel

1. Open CSV in UTF8 in Excel

  • Open a new excel file.
  • Go to DATA-> NEW QUERY -> FROM FILE-> FROM CSV like in the below image steps 1 to 4.
  • Open the CSV file that you want to convert the code for.
    NOTE: below is just an example to show how to import a CSV file with steps 5 to 6.
  • Once you have imported the file, go to file origin, and change the code to 65001: Unicode UTF8 and click on transform data like in steps 7 to 9.

  • Your converted file will open like below.
  • Check the video below to see the process that is described in steps 1 to 9.

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