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Once you’ve installed LabCollector on a computer in your network you can then connect to it from another computer using its IP address.
To find the computer’s IP address on Windows open the command prompt terminal and type ipconfig.
The IPv4 Address is the IP address you need.

On another computer put this IP address in the address bar of your browser along with the name of your LabCollector e.g. http://123.456.78.89/lab.

If the site is not found then:
– check that the other computer is on the same sub-network as the computer with LabCollector installed on it.
– it could be a problem with your firewall.

If it is the firewall and it’s a Windows PC then open the Windows Defender Firewall and go to Advanced settings.
1. Go to Inbound rules.
2. Click on New Rule.
3. Select the Port rule type and click Next.

4. Select TCP
5. Select Specific remote ports: 80  and click Next.

6. Select Allow the connection and click Next.
7. Select the Profiles that you need and click Next.
8. Give the rule a name, like LabCollector, and click Finish.