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Lab Services

Labs develop service activities like screening, detection, production, analysis … Whatever the application domain is: molecular biology, genomic, chemistry … , these labs must set up an efficient Quality Management System (QSM) to satisfy their clients and therefore accreditation bodies.

Major Key Benefits:

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Sequencing Service Manager (SSM)

Network-based Sequencing
Management Solution

This add-on is a network based system that enables the lab to manage easily customized sequencing services. Define standard services, plates & tube format, available primers … SSM includes a web interface allowing the client to place orders and download experiments results. The lab can also manage the process status allowing the client to be informed oh the project progression.

Protein Tracking System (PTS)

A Protein Production
Management Software

This add-on is a network based application for protein production, purification and analysis management. PTS allows the lab to follow up different process and task progression in several projects. PTS is suitable for academic labs and Biotechs interested in Quality Management of their protein production activities. Read more

Lab Service Manager (LSM)

A Core Facility and Lab
Services Management Software

LSM is a network based application that helps laboratory providing services to organize it. LSM allows the lab to keep traceability of all samples or any information in a project. The add-on is fully configurable. Indeed, you can edit and setup assays/analysis, result types, protocols, equipment and reagents … LSM integrates a customized template editor to built project report for customers. LSM also includes a client interface to speedup communication between the lab and its clients. Read more

Gantty Project Manager

Network-based R&D
Project Management Solution

Gantty is a network based application for project management in R&D lab. Create, manage and follow up an unlimited number of projects, tasks and milestones. Evaluate and control costs by managing equipment, collaborators … Graphic viewers are integrated to make project management easier. Gantty allows R&D labs to implement or improve their Quality System Management with an IT solution. Read more

Praesens Care

Client Case

Praesens was looking for a complete Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) that would manage the laboratory operations of the BIONEAR® as a whole, including running tests, automated data entry from instruments in the trucks, as well as integrated and easy creation of certificates of analysis. Since BIONEAR® laboratories are fully mobile in the field where both a satellite and cellular internet connection are limited, the challenge was to deploy the LIMS in the Cloud with a functional, secure and stable connection to the instruments located inside the BIONEAR® trucks.

Our criteria of LIMS for BioNEAR has a modular approach; addresses most laboratory needs (such as storage, equipment, reagents, etc.); has the ability to host data on a cloud; Application Programming Interface (API) feature and complies with the ISO15189 certificationsays Emmanuel Vidal, CEO of Praesens Care. Read more

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