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LSM user levels for v6.0

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LabCollector grants specific rights to different user levels.

The users of LSM are same as that for LabCollector so user name and password are the same.
 LSM (Lab Service Management) add-on is used mostly by testing labs where one needs to generate tests and reports and invoices for the same. 
 Hence, the super-administrator will be able to define for LSM only, other levels of permission: Admin, staff, finance & customer levels.

The access rights to admin, staff, finance, customer & Validator levels in LSM is as follows:-

  1. Admin:
    –    Full access to all LSM applications and features.

  2. Staff:
    –    Access to the Preferences menu and Contacts menu, only the creation, and modification of user account is not possible. He/She can only see the jobs assigned to his or her team.

  3. Finance:
    –    Access to the invoice interface, cost management, and customer list. He/She can also view the job management list.

  4. Customer: 
    –    Access to see only the jobs assigned to the same Requester regardless of the jobs are created by him/herself or other users.

  5. Validator: NEW in LSM v3.217
    –    Access to ONLY validate completed jobs & see finished jobs (the ones that are validated). 

Customers are created by the super-admin/admin in LSM and using the lsmremote, the customer can request an account.

To grant these user levels in LSM, you have to go to Admin–>Contact–>Users>Import.

When you import the list of users from LabCollector into LSM, all the users will be present in the list with their login ID, name and LabCollector level permission. For each user, you need to define an LSM user type.

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