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File connector can be used to open specific file types. The mask editor option in the file connector allows you to create a rule for opening certain file types.

You might have different file types uploaded in LabCollector or its add-ons like Lab Service Manager or Electronic Lab Notebook.

For example, you want .csv or .xls or .xlxs to all open with Microsoft Excel software. OR
Imagine that you are creating some images for your research paper using Adobe Illustrator/ Photoshop, Imaris file for 3D reconstruction of cells or bacteria, chemistry editor or a microscope image editor. LabCollector allows you to store all your data in one place. However, you will require to make changes to your data in file at some point. For this, you will want to just click on the file you want to edit and then manipulate the file.
So to do this you need to add a setting in the file connector using the mask editor.

To open mask editor open the file connector console by going to the lower right-hand corner on your desktop screen.

The below-console will open. You have to select “New”.


Mask editor pop-up will open like below

1. Description: Any file name that you want. For example Excel file types.
2. File Masks: You have to add the type of file extensions that you want to open with specific softwares. For example *.csv;*.xls;*xlxs without space. 
3. Application: Here you can specify the file path to the software you want the files with. You can use the orange button on the right-hand side to select the file path to the software .exe file. When you click it a new pop-up will open where you can see the list of applications.

If you cannot see your file in the list, click on custom option.

TIP: To file the file path, right click on the shortcut of the software icon and click on properties. Shortcut can be found by searching the software name in Windows search option. In the properties pop-up, next to target option you will the file path to the .exe location. You can copy the same file path to choose the software.


Now choose the location of the .exe file of the software you want to choose. Once you select the software it will appear in the pop-up of application list, like below.

Once you click on confirm the settings you just made will be visible in your console panel. Save the setting and you are good to go.

Note: Remember to check the “Enabled” checkbox if you want this setting to work. You can keep it unchecked too, this will save the setting for future use but not run it.
This allows you to have the flexibility to use the settings as and when needed. for example if you want to open your image file in photoshop instead of Picasa. Then you can uncheck the enable box in front of the setting that allows Picasa to open the image files.

Now all your file extensions described in “File Masks” option will open with Excel software.
As long as you have specific software installed on your computer you can use it to edit your file.

Check our KB on how to download and edit a file using the file connector.