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LabCollector’s Lab Service Management (LSM) add-on allows you to perform tests on a sample with defined parameters, equipment, reports, etc.

LSM also offers you to validate the results before the report is sent to the patients for example. In this scenario, let’s say that validator wants to redo the test again to confirm them.
So he/she can choose to restart the ‘finished’ Job (test) again.

The restart Job action can be done when the results are questionable or you want to confirm the results are good. Thus, you can do so by doing a job restart and at the same time keep track of the old results.

As LSM supports compliancy, the restart action of the job is recorded in the audit log.

You can easily restart the job by following the below steps:-

1. Compliancy option- ON
2. Restart a Job
3. Report for restarted job
4. Audit log

1. Compliancy option- ON

  • If you want to be compliant with regulatory authorities, you need to manually turn on the compliance option in LSM.
  • You can choose the options you require for compliancy and save to activate them.
  • To turn on the compliancy option go to LSM -> ADMIN -> PREFERENCES -> REGULATION:- 

  • You can choose the options in regulation as you require and then do ‘save’.

2. Restart a Job

  • Once you confirm the compliancy option, then you can proceed to validate the job.
    * Read more on our knowledgeBase about how to start a job & generate reports.

    WARNING: This restart job can only be done with a validated job. It cannot be done with a rejected job as they will go back to start status.
  • Let’s say you are the validator and you are validated the completed jobs.
  • So you go to the completed job and OPTIONS -> MANAGE -> VALIDATIONS:- 

  • Here you will see this option, where you will validate the job and click on OK.

  • Now you can filter the results to see the validated finished jobs.
  • You will see all the finished jobs. But in a case where for example, the clinic or doctor sending the sample, asks you to reconfirm the results by either doing them again OR to do another test on the same sample to verify the first results. In such a case you can easily restart the ‘Finished job’.
     NOTE: When you restart the finished job, the samples remain the same, but need to choose the test to be done on the sample. You can do the same test or another test but on the SAME sample.
  • To restart a finished job, filter the finished job like above and go to OPTIONS -> MANAGE -> VALIDATION:-

  • Once you click on validations, to will the job with samples and the restart option.
    *By default  all the samples will be selected but you can select specific samples to restart the tests on.

  • Once you restart the job, you will see the job is restarted with the same samples but with no tests. So you need to select the test again for each sample.

  • Lets say you want to verify the results by another test that concludes the results again.
    (like for COVID-19 you can do different tests like PCR or serology that verify the presence of coronavirus)
    When you save the job, it will prompt you to write the reason of restart, before the job is saved.

  • Once you do ‘Save’ it will ask you to verify again.

  •  Once you do ‘OK’ the job will be restarted and you will see it on the job list.

  • You can proceed to finish the job as normal.


3. Report for restarted job

4. Audit log

  • You can also check all the changes done to the job in LSM in the audit log.
  • To access the audit log you can go to ADMIN -> REPORT -> PDF.

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