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This add-on will help you to import your files in the custom fields of file type (Database Upload or Disk Folder Upload).
First, you need to create these types of custom fields in the module of your choice. See the manual or KB articles related to custom fields.
Then, fill in the form of the Custom Field File Upload add-on:

  1. Select the module of your choice.
  2. If this module has Database Upload or Disk Folder Upload custom fields, this select list will have them available for selection.
  3. Select the zip file containing the files you want to upload.
  4. Files need to be named with the record name or contain the record ID.
  5. Upload the zip file.

Example: I want to upload files in the Upload_Disk custom field of the module Plasmids, based on record ID.
The plasmid IDs are 7 and 8


After uploading, I get the message:

In the record, I now have the following:

If you prefer to perform the upload based on record name, the name of the file has to be exactly the same.

Be careful:

  • Only one file can be uploaded in the custom field. If you have multiple files, you need to modify the record directly.
  • If you upload a second file in the same custom field, the first file will be replaced.