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Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), provides you with a rich text editor that allows you to use a page with many functions, like the photo, plate, chemistry editor, creating LabCollector links to reagents and supplies, copy-pasting from Word document directly, and many more. It also provides you with various spreadsheets for creating graphs. ELN provides you with 2 graphs: Flat spreadsheet (simple) and Zoho spreadsheet (more like excel).

In flat spreadsheet you can copy paste from excel. However, you need to know what will be pasted from excel to ELN Flat spreadsheet.

1. Can be pasted

2. Cannot be pasted

1. Can be pasted

  • Numbers can be pasted
  • Text can be pasted
  • Special characters (degree sign, euros sigma, etc..) can be pasted

If you want to have colors to formats in the sheet, its better to create & save a template that you will be using in ADMIN -> TEMPLATES -> MANAGE FLAT SPREADSHEET TEMPLATE. This way your formats or cell colors will always the same and preserved.
From excel then you can just copy paste the values.


2. Cannot be pasted

  • Formulas from excel cannot be pasted.
  • Highlighted cell colors or formatted bold italic texts cannot be pasted.
  • Merged cells. (data will automatically fitted into one cell as the cells will be unmerged).

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