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A Flexible and Intuitive ELN Content Editor

Text & Table

Type text like if you were on a Word document. Insert table in the text editor with all the properties you want to simply organize your data.

Knowledge base: ELN Text Editor

Plate inserts

Show your plate grid and the location of your samples in just few clicks with pre-designed plates.

Knowledge base: ELN Text Editor

Link Data

Search or add a record directly in your LabCollector data from the specific ELN section or directly in the text editor.

Knowledge base: ELN Text Editor

Image inserts

You have multiple options to add images in your content. You can use the Photo Editor, the Photo Bank add-on or the simple button add an image.

Knowledge base: How to use Photo Editor?

Chemistry inserts

With the ELN Chemistry plugin, users can design chemical reactions which can be integrated into book pages, reporting, and reused or changed if needed. Users can design chemical reactions by importing structures from the LabCollector Chemical Structures module.

Knowledge base: How to use Chemistry Editor?


Knowledge base: ELN Spreadsheet

Do more with ELN

Template & Workflow Management

To make ELN friendly to use, template and workflow functions have been integrated into the application:

Knowledge base: ELN Templates

File upload and editing

Upload associated files you need directly on your pages. Edit a file in real-time from LabCollector thanks to the File Connector tool. This software will be installed on your local computer.

Knowledge base: Editing a file using file connector

Advanced search & tree view

Searching for data in LabCollector is simplified with the “Advanced Search Manager” add-on that allows you to expand the search options in LabCollector using Elasticsearch.
The tree view allows you to see in seconds where your projects are located and to manage them.

Knowledge base: Advanced search with Elastic Search


Choose to collaborate by sharing books with your team easily.

Knowledge base: How to start with LabCollector?

A Secure & Compliant Environment

User level permission

Type text like if you were on a Word document. Insert table in the text editor with all the properties you want to simply organize your data.
Knowledge base: ELN permissions

Log History and versioning

View the history of the different logs with a single click: Audit Trail, Log Activity, Task Time. Never lose any information, by enabling the versioning option for books, experiments and pages. To learn more about all compliance options, click here.

Time Stamp Authority

Provides a digital seal of data integrity and a trusted date and time. Recipients of documents with a trusted timestamp can verify that the document or code was not altered after the date the timestamp vouches for.

Electronic Signature

LabCollector ELN includes an easy-to-use electronic signature validation system that verifies data integrity (based on CFR 21 Part 11 and patent requirements). Notebook pages can be signed by both authors and administrator users. Electronic signatures provide proof of the validity of the content at the time of signing. Knowledge base: How to setup digital signature?

Save & automatic backup

Your data is never lost with an automatic (every 30 seconds) and manual backup that is accessible until you save or cancel your new experiment or page.

ELN for Chemistry

Speed up your research and optimize your organization

Complete your ELN solution

Mind the Graph: Create scientific presentation, posters, infographics and more directly from LabCollector.

Zoho: With this Excel-friendly interface, create tables, graphs and use all kinds of mathematical formulas easily.

Mobile App

LC ELN App provides a quick document scanner service to be used by ELN users. Each user can configure their LC ELN App with the LabCollector API token and user id to send to their own pages. 

Knowledge base: How to use LC ELN App?

Go Paperless with LabCollector EcoBook!

EcoBook LabCollector + ELN app

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