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For test labs that receive a request to perform tests (jobs) on a sample from a requester (clinic, hospital, etc), our Lab Service Management (LSM) add-on is the best option. LSM has a new Configuration to receive a notification by SMS for:

  • The Token (used to access the report)
  • The release of the report (link to open the report when it is released)

1. Signup & Configuration with Twilio

2. Integration of Twilio in LabCollector

3. Receiving SMS notification

1. Signup & Configuration with Twilio

  • The registration will be done by the lab who uses LabCollector. They can register themselves on Twilio pro account where their patients can take advantage of the SMS service when their result reports are released.
  • In order to use this new feature, you must create an account on Twilio, please see the step below:
  • Connect to this link:
  • Choose the Sign up option.
  • Fill the necessary fields (First Name, Last Name, Email, Password) to register

  • You will receive a verification Email to confirm your Email
  • Once you verify you account you can login on Twilio home page with your Email and Password.
  • You need to follow few steps to secure your account
  • Step 1:Enter a mobile phone you would like to use for SMS verification
  • Step 2: Enter the verification code that you received on your mobile phone
  • Choose SMS for the question “
  • Fill the other fields according to your use.
  • Click on Get started with Twilio
  • To use SMS service, you will need a phone number from Twilio, On Twilio Dashboard page, click on Get a trial phone number.

  • On Twilio Dashboard page you will have 3 parameters to activate your account on LC:
    • 1. Account SID
    • 2. Token
    • 3. Phone Number

2. Integration of Twilio in LabCollector

  • To receive SMS From LSM, you need to activate your Twilio account on LabCollector.
  • The 3 things that you acquired in section 1 above, you need to enter them like below option.
    • 1. Account SID
    • 2. Account Token
    • 3. Phone number

  • To test the integration, you need to click on the “Test” button, which will ask you to add your number to receive a Test message from LabCollector on your mobile phone.
    *Note: Add the phone number, along with the country code.
  • Once you add your number, you will receive a message from Twilio like below.

3. Receiving SMS notification

  • Once the LabCollector is configured with Twilio, the LSM will automatically send the patients in each job, the SMS to notify them about the token and about the released result.

    The results will be send to phone number, that the patients have entered during the patient pre-registration.
    This phone number will be present in custom Patients module inside LabCollector in a custom field called phone number.
  • For this you need to GO TO LSM -> ADMIN -> SETUP -> CASE RECORDS & select the phone number field (the fields will be of the attached module, in the below image its a custom patient module).
    *The phone number is a custom field with the field type “field”
  • You can choose to tick mark the checkbox, if you want to send a token when job is created and notify  when results are release. Do not forget to save.
  • In the LSM when you create a job, related to a patient and his/her samples, the patient will receive an SMS like below.


  • When the job is finshed and results are released, the patient will receive a message with a link to see the results.
  • In the case the patient looses the token or the result released SMS, then the SMS can be send using the LSM, like below. (follow the steps like below).

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