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Config.ini file allow you to change the appearance of the LSMRemote pages according to your needs using various options.

Follow the steps below to configure different options in LSMRemote config.ini:-

1. Install LSMRemote and integrate into your website

2. Configurable options in Config.ini

  1. Title
  2. Logo
  3. Color
  4. Wsurl
  5. recover_password_mode
  6. recover_password_text
  7. allow_register
  8. hide_user_name
  9. hide_submit_link
  10. grid_width_100
  11. default_lang
  12. provider_login_title
  13. patient_login_title
  14. font_family
  15. primary_button_color
  16. secondary_button_color
  17. cancel_button_color
  18. default_date_range

1. Install LSMRemote and integrate into your website

  • For test labs that receive a request to perform tests (jobs) on a sample from a requester (clinic, hospital, etc), our Lab Service Management (LSM) add-on is the best option. However, to make the process easier we offer our utility LSMRemote which helps both you and the requester. LSMRemote application can be integrated into the website of the requester (clinic, hospital, etc).
    *Please read our Knowledge Base on how to integrate LSMRemote int your website.
  • If you need to avoid an issue wth protocol http2; you need to add a file .htaccess in remote webservice folder, and it needs the mod_headers n LC server manager enabled. You need to go to LC SERVER MANAGER -> SETTINGS -> APACHE  and uncomment the line of mod_headers by removing the # sign.

2. Configurable options in Config.ini

Default Values
Valid values
1 Title none It will appear as a superscript above your logo in LSMRemote free text
2 logo none It will be the logo for your lsmremote website image URL
  • It will be the logo you add for the lsmremote website.
  • For the image on the computer, you can save the image inside the “img” folder in the lsmremote folder (path shown above). Then for the logo, you can add in front of the logo = img/name of the image.file type
  • For an image on a URL, just add the https://……..
  • *NOTE: Please use HTTPS for more secure protocols.

 3.  color none Optional background-color web color
  • You can choose from the color picker when you click on the option.
  • To see which colors you can put, check this link & scroll down to the table of RGB colors.
  • You can either put the color name. *Remember not to put spaces between the name (lightblue NOT light blue).
  • You can also put the color code with the hashtag
  • After logging in the lsmremote you will see the color like below:

 4. wsurl none  connection to LSM add-on web color
  • This option will connect your LSMRemote to your LSM (Lab Service Manager) add-on.
  • It is an important step during the installation of LSMRemote.
  • *Please check our KB on how to install LSMRemote.

5 recover_password_mode none  connected to recover password option mail | text | none
    • If “none”, the “forgot your password” option doesn’t appear
    • If “mail” the password will be recovered by email
    • If “text” the password can be recovered by contacting your administrator

    6 recover_password_text text  connected to recover password option text text
    • If “text”, the password text can be changed as per your choice, for example, like below.
    7 allow_register true  connected to register option true | false
      • If “true”, the register option appears
      • If “false” the register option doesn’t appear

    8 hide_user_name false  connected to user name for a job true | false
    • If “true”, then the ‘User’ option won’t appear under the requester name.
    • If “false”, then if a user adds a test to an existing job (via the Workflow Manager for example) then the user’s name option will appear under the Requester name.

    • *NOTE: In relation to the user name option that allows you to add samples from workflow add-on, for example, you can also add a sample to existing jobs in LSMRemote.
      You can use the link below and add (append) the samples to an existing job. You just need to modify your URL (orange part) like below.
      https://your online instance name/extra_modules/lsmremote/addfromlc.php?append=1&jobNumber=JOB-106
    9 hide_submit_link false  connected to ‘submit order’ option for job true | false
    • If “true”, the submit order button does not appear
    • If “false” the submit order button appears

    10 grid_width_100 true  connected to a job with multiple samples true | false
    • If “true”, then the “submit order” & “Get results” page will adjust its width to 100% (meaning it will fit the page width.)
    • If “false” then the pages will be of default width.

    11 default_lang en  connected to the language of lsmremote language initials
    • You can see the language initials on the homepage of LSMRemote. (like in the below image in red)

    12 provider_login_title _default  connected to the access for login _default | free text

    • If “_default” you can see on the login page “Providers portal”
    • OR you can add your lab name as a free text.

    13 patient_login_title None  connected to the access for login none | free text
    • If “none” you can see on the login page “Direct Report Access”
    • If “free text” you can add the heading for the login page for the token as you want.

    14 font_family Arial (sans-serif) Connected to the login page of LSMRemote Font from the dropdown list
    15 primary_button_color None Connected to the login page of LSMRemote Colour from the pickup colour box
    16 secondary_button_color None Connected to the login page of LSMRemote Colour from the pickup colour box
    17 cancel_button_color None Connected to the login page of LSMRemote Colour from the pickup colour box
    *Please read our Knowledgebase on how to customize look and colour of LSMRemote to know more about the options 14 to 17.
    18 default_date_range 60 Connected to the login page of LSMRemote numeric value in days
    The days you add here will show jobs only for those days.
    For example if you put 1, you will only see jobs (on Get Results page) created, processing, finished, etc, in last 24 hours when you login as an requester in LSMRemote.


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