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If you’ve arrived here from LabCollector Printer App Blog then welcome to the Knowledge Base!

If you don’t know about our LabCollector Printer App yet, then here’s a short description: It’s an app that extends LabCollector to print on the B18 mobile printer for quick labeling on-the-go, it allows you to manually enter data or print labels for your LabCollector samples and records.

Getting Started with LC Printer

1.1 Downloading and installing LC Printer App

1.2 Pairing your device with B18 mobile printer

1.3 Customizing and printing labels

Real-life applications

Getting started with LC Printer

1.1 Downloading and Installing LC Printer App

To install the LC Printer app on your Android device, follow these simple steps:

– Navigate to the Google app store on your mobile device.

– Search for “LC Printer” (developed by AgileBio) and click on the download button.

– Once installed, tap on the app icon to open it.


Please refer to the screenshot below to know more about the different sections of the app:

1. Home Page: This is the main interface where you can input label information manually or access LabCollector.

2. History: View a history of the last 5 printed labels, including module or add-on information and their respective IDs.

3. Settings: Access app settings to connect/disconnect your printer.

4. About section: Find links to our other apps, social media, contact information, and the app version.

1.2 Pairing Your Device with B18 Mobile Printer

Before you can start using LC Printer, you’ll need to pair your mobile device with the B18 mobile printer. Here’s how:

– Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device.

– Power on your B18 mobile printer and ensure it is in pairing mode.

– Open the LC Printer app and navigate to the settings menu.

– Click on “Search” to scan for available printers.

– Select your B18 printer from the list of available devices to pair it with your mobile device.


Once your B18 printer is successfully paired with your device, it will be listed under “Connected Printers” on the settings page of the LC Printer app. Here, you’ll see the printer name along with a “Disconnect” button next to it. This allows you the flexibility to easily disconnect from the current printer and pair with another one, if needed (as shown in the screenshot below).

1.3 Customizing and printing labels

On the home page, you have the option to input label information manually or access LabCollector (to print an existing record) by clicking on the designated button at the top of the screen .

Please note that you can also access directly to your LabCollector app and select the desired record to print, this will automatically open LC printer app and will fill the below fields.

If you choose to input label information manually, refer to the numbered sections in the screenshot below for guidance:

1. Title: Enter the title or name for the label.

2. Extra Field: Optionally add any additional information or custom fields.

3. ID: Input the identification number or code for the label.

4. Number of copies: Specify the desired quantity of labels to print.

5. Labels Type: Select the type or format of labels you wish to print (14x30mm / 14x40mm / 14x50mm).

6. Preview label: Refresh the preview of your label design before printing.

7. Print button: Tap this button to initiate the printing process.

In the History section of the app, you’ll find a log of the last 5 printed labels. Each entry includes details such as the module or add-on the label was selected from, as well as its corresponding ID. This allows you to easily track and reference past printing activity for reference or reprints.

On the “About” page, you’ll discover convenient links to explore our other apps, connect with us on social media platforms, access our contact information, and stay informed about the current version of the LC Printer app.

Real-life Applications

Laboratory Workflows
In laboratory settings, time is crucial, and waiting for access to a central printer can cause delays in sample management processes. By integrating LC Printer into laboratory workflows, you can print cryo-labels directly from you mobile device!

Inventory Management
Effective inventory management and asset tracking rely on accurate labeling of items and equipment. LC Printer provides a convenient solution for printing labels for laboratory supplies, equipment, and assets, to help track the movement and usage of items across various locations.

Environmental Monitoring and Field Studies
Environmental monitoring and field studies often involve collecting samples from diverse locations and environments. LC Printer enables you to print labels on the spot, while adding crucial information such as sample IDs, collection time, GPS coordinates, and other parameters.

LC Printer can also be used in numerous other settings and real-life applications.

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