Additional LabCollector Software

LabCollector offers various more utilities that help you have a more user-friendly service. We have custom tailored these utilities based on user demands, that help you run your lab smoothly with LabCollector LIMS. This additional software are “utilities” that offer you assistance with LabCollector apart from the modules and add-ons.

You can download our additional software here:


File Connector

File connector allows you to edit files in real-time. This software will be installed on your local computer. You can just go to the LabCollector record where the file is uploaded and click on the file that you want to edit with the help of the file connector.

KB:Editing a file using File Connector

KB:How to download and install File Connector ?

KB:How to install File Connector in Mac OS ?


LabCollector offers integration of rack scanners to increase automation processes in labs thereby reducing data entry errors. Results can be sent over local/remote networks through TCP/IP servers. Thus, data can be imported from rack scanners & an integrable file can be generated. We now support Ziath DP5 firmware and software.

KB: How to setup and configure ScanServer with LabCollector?

KB: Ziath Scanner setup


LC Server Manager

Our new server installation wizard provides an automatic LabCollector Server Manager. This manager provides easy access to configuration files and control over the server status (start/stop Apache web server and mysql database server). It also includes an easy and automatic backup engine.


KB: How to use the LC server manager?


LabCollector is capable of bidirectional communication with our instrument automation Parser/I-Collector. It supports a growing number of instruments but we offer the development of any plugin needed for your lab instrument equipment. Results and values are automatically sent back to LabCollector or the LSM add-on as soon as the instrument releases them.


KB: I-Collector overview

I-Collector Client APP

The I-Collector client APP helps you retrieve files from any instrument in your lab effortlessly. It provides a unified file transmission system for all computers receiving instrument results, both inside and outside the network. It then allows files to be transmitted directly to I-Collector and then LabCollector.


KB: How to install I-Collector APP ?


Win2Parser is a Windows middleware utility allowing automation of raw data files acquisition and treatment from multiple locations into LabCollector. Each instance can monitor multiple folders allowing dedicated logics. It connects to Parser add-on or to any customized parsing script hosted on LabCollector server.


Photobank Uploader

Our windows PhotoBank uploader imports images directly from the image source. This means any photos on your computer can be uploaded directly to PhotoBank without the need of using a browser. This add-on is capable of uploading files to a remote web-service via HTTP protocol.


Read more about Photobank Addon>>

LabCollector Mobile App


If you need a custom mobile app to use with LabCollector, contact us to discuss your project needs.

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