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File Connector allows you to edit files in real-time. This software will be installed on your local computer. You can just go to the LabCollector record where the file is uploaded and click on the file that you want to edit with the help of the file connector. 
Downloading file connector and how to edit the files using the file connector are described below.

To download and install File Connector, follow the below steps.

1.Activating File Connector

2.Downloading the File Connector.

3.Installing File Connector.

1. Activating File Connector

  • You need to create a webservice named File Connector. Please see our KB on Introduction to API- section 1 General setup.
  • Once you have created the API in webservices go to ADMIN -> SETUP -> GENERAL SETTINGS, LOGO, MODULES NAMES, ETC .
  • Go to the option “File editing remote connector app” and click on option “Yes” and select the webservice you created above.

  • After this the File Connector will be activated for editing.
  • For File Connector to work you need to download and install it. So follow the below procedure.
  • Please see the video below:

2. Downloading File Connector

Please make sure that anti virus and firewall accept port 5050.

  1. Click on this link:- File Connector
  2. OR
  3. Click on any file, uploaded under any record in LabCollector v6.0, that you want to edit.

    Go to the file that are uploaded in the record and that you want to edit. For example like in the below image.
    Remember the file needs to be first uploaded in the LabCollector record. For this you can create a custom field that allows you to upload files. Please read our KB on how to create custom fields.

    You will get a pop-up with a link to download. 

  4. Click on the options:

  5. When you click “Allow pop-ups for” you will see the below option, where we need to check the box and then click on “Open link”.

  6. If you don’t have File Connector installed you will need to download it with the help of the link that appears in the pop-up (see below).
    *If you have the File Connector, the file will open and you can edit it.

  7. Once you install File Connector you will see the file on the top of your screen.

Be Careful note
If your files are  not in Document module, you need to open LabCollector in LabCollector Server Manager, uncomment (remove the #) in apache settings the line below. Go to Settings -> Configure servers -> Apache and search for “rewrite”. You have to restart the server after the save action.

3. Installing File Connector

Click on the setup file and install the File Connector.
After the setup is finished and you have created a shortcut for File Connector on your desktop, click on the icon to start the File Connector.

A “files” tab will be seen on the top of your screen with a grey LabCollector microscope icon. Grey icon means there are no active fled being edited at the moment.

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